The Perfect Time to Discover Germany

From its long sandy beaches to the hills and high peaks of the mighty Alps Mountains, Germany is the place to be this spring. The beautiful country of Germany is in its element this year as it hosts the FIFA World Cup. This world renowned event will bring in thousands of tourists who will not only get to experience the thrill of soccer games but of the country itself.

Germany is home to many over 90 national parks, historic castles and palaces built in the Middle Ages, fascinating museums, fun-filled amusement parks for families, and outstanding cuisine located at hundreds of international restaurants scattered throughout the country.

Exploring this breath-taking land is both interesting and easy with over 150 criss-crossing scenic routes available in many of Germany’s towns and cities. The Alpine Road is a wonderful way to tour through the Bavarian Mountains. It’s like a fairytale as you ride your own way around lush meadows, gentle hills, craggy mountain peaks, green forests, and romantic valleys. And for those of you fitness buffs there is a cycle path that takes you through the beautiful Allgau holiday region. There are also mountain hiking paths and chair lifts, which are especially handy for the long trek upward.

After all that sight seeing you’re bound to be hungry! To accommodate you there is the Baden Asparagus Route. While traveling about 136 kilometers from Schwetzingen, the famous asparagus-producing town, to Scherzheim, you’ll experience both exquisite food and divine scenery.

Asparagus was once considered a delicacy in Germany. Only the privileged members of the church and of society were permitted to eat it during the 18th century. Louis XIV himself called the delicious food the “royal vegetable.” Today asparagus is prized for its health and purifying benefits.

The delectable asparagus is harvested between April and June 24. Visitors during this time are invited to not only watch the harvesters but to join in too! Along this gourmet route, there are a variety of festivals where you can taste delicious fresh asparagus served by the landlords.

Besides experiencing the cultural and scenic value of Germany, there are many other options for travelers. For instance, this spring Germany is playing host to the FIFA World Cup, where teams form all over the world will compete for the championship. The games take place from 9 June to 9 July 2006.

With twelve “host cities” scattered across the German country- side, it’s going to be close to impossible to attend all the games. Well, Rail Europe has the perfect solution for U.S. and Canadian travelers heading to the matches- the World Cup 2006 – German Rail Pass. It’s the easiest way to get from one city to another, and a great way to meet fellow travelers on their way to the matches.

So, if you’re ready for an exciting spring, head over to Germany where something is always happening. Get lost in the history of the many castles and palaces along the countryside, or relax at the spa, on a romantic beach, or in a flower-filled meadow. Or, if you choose, go see the World Cup in any of the twelve hosting cities. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have an amazing adventure in the beautiful country of Germany.

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