Million-Dollar-Mama Introduces the B.Y.O.G! (Bring Your Own Girlfriends) Nationwide Girlfriend Getaway Guide

CHELMSFORD, Mass., Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Girlfriend Getaways – they’re one of the hottest vacation trends and oh so necessary for busy women who are looking to reclaim a bit of themselves with their gal pals. That is why has compiled the B.Y.O.G! (Bring Your Own Girlfriends) Nationwide Girlfriend Getaway Guide – a free directory of resorts, hotels, spas and bed & breakfasts across the United States offering Girlfriend Getaway Packages. “We’ve researched each and every state via the Internet, polling veteran girlfriend ‘getawayers’ and personally visiting locations to find the best vacation offerings specifically for women,” says Valerie McDermott, co- founder of

The directory is broken out by state for easy access. Each offering will include important information like pricing, amenities and availability. Whether you’re looking to beach-comb at Cape Cod, party and pool-hop in Las Vegas or spa and ski in Colorado, has the place for you.

After you choose your perfect getaway, you can also find all the products you need to make your getaway an unforgettable one (games, fun t-shirts, props, etc.). The B.Y.O.G! Guide is filled with quick links to our favorite girlfriend getaway products as well as tips, checklists, do’s and don’ts brought to you by the veterans. Let’s face it – when you put a group of women together in a hotel room, cabin or tent something funny is bound to happen.

This guide will appeal to any woman, any age and can also be a useful marketing tool if you are in the travel and tourism business or if you sell women’s products. “Women are traveling in groups more than ever now and they have their own money to spend and are realizing that they deserve to spend some on themselves,” says Sandra Mahoney, co-founder of Million-Dollar-Mama. “By including the B.Y.O.G! Nationwide Girlfriend Getaway Guide in your marketing plan you will be putting your product, inn, resort or bed & breakfast in front of women who are ready to spend money on themselves and/or their special friends.”


The B.Y.O.G! Guide is brought to you by, a website founded by Valerie McDermott and Sandra Mahoney, who not only share a friendship since college but also the mutual desire to motivate other mothers in reclaiming their past interests and indulgences or even to try something new and exciting. Visit us online at for more information or contact us via phone at 978-375-6309 or via email at

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