Globe-Trotting ‘Senior Bachelor’ Richard Roe Is Offering Women Chance for All-Expense Paid Trip With Him to See the World

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., May 17 /PRNewswire/ — Globe-trotting “Senior Bachelor” Richard Roe is offering women a chance for an all-expense paid trip with him to see the world.

In a quest to find a female partner to travel through life with him, California-based globe-trotter Richard Roe is offering women from all countries the opportunity to travel with him for up to six months, or more, on an all-expense paid trip around the world.

Richard Roe, co-creator of the award-winning, travel documentary “POP & ME,” is a healthy, active, divorced, 64-year-old entrepreneur with three grown sons and seven grandchildren. He has dubbed himself the “Senior Bachelor” as a way to highlight the fact that Romance and Adventure are as vital to those 50+ as it is to anyone else. As Roe relates, “After ten years of being single, I miss being in a loving, committed relationship. I travel a great deal every year. Let’s face it, being in a gondola in Venice, watching a breathtaking sunset on a beach in Bali, or seeing the Taj Mahal under a full moon, is a heck of a lot more fun if you’re with someone you love than if you’re alone!”

As Roe just announced on The Oprah Winfrey Show, he will spend this whole summer on his travel partner search. With assistance from key women in his life, including daughters-in-law and an ex-girlfriend, Roe will review all entrants’ information (both on video and in written biographies) in preparation for visiting several cities to conduct face-to-face interviews with potential finalists. Roe encourages any interested woman from anywhere around the globe, of any race or religion, and who is 40 years of age or older, to submit an audition tape.

Although Roe is a very modern man, he has an old-fashioned side, too. To that end, Roe’s travel budget includes separate room arrangements for his traveling partner and him for the duration of their trip … if necessary! As Roe says, “If we end up having a great trip together, it’s a home run. If it blossoms into romance, that’s a grand slam. If I find someone to spend my life with, I’ve won the World Series. Whatever the outcome, I hope to show the world you are never too old to live with Fun and Passion!”

Details on Roe and how to become part of his search can be found at his website, . The deadline entry date is September 16th, 2005.

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