Playing Golf Can Win You a Trip into Space

Your golf swing may not get the ball into space, but it could get you into space. The ultimate nineteenth hole: One small swing for man, one giant swing for mankind.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 24, 2006 — What do Tom Hanks, golf and zero-gravity flights have in common? All three are privy to sub-orbital and orbital space flights. Tom Hanks filmed much of Apollo 13’s weightless scenes while in NASA’s KC-135 aircraft, for zero gravity abilities. Now, not only do the wealthy and celebrities get to taste weightlessness and adventure in space travel, but if you golf (or even if you don’t) now anyone can also.

This is a tie between “Lost in Space” and “NASA Space” if you will; a view of earth from space for the average golfer, er, person – something most people only can dream of, until now.

A pioneer of technology, Tony Webb, founder of, who was one of the youngest agency owners within a section of Exxon Enterprises, as well as a groundbreaking licensee of the worlds largest provider of database informational services, and a major supporter of the United Nations declared World Space Week in the early part of this decade; has announced a breakthrough in golfing.

For the first time in history, space travel is now offered as a prize in one of the most popular choices of sport, golf. As a group, golfers are both successful and educated. Now they can delve into a genre that was probably their childhood dream; to travel to space.

Does this come with a high price tag? Nope! For example, for less than $200 per player (barring additional club costs), someone can win a $5,000 or $10,000 valued flight into the weightless atmosphere. Imagine looking above and seeing black infiniteness while looking below, you see the blue sky and the curve of the earth.

There are many options and ways to win, and there are Hole in One games and Closest to the Pin games; something for everyone.

The excitement level of this type of event is, well, pardon the pun, out of this world. The capacity this has to raise money for charities is also substantial, because most communities, even urban centers, have never offered anything like this.

It’s easy to plan; Webb’s team, which includes Pinshot and Global Media Guru, will help the club with press releases as well as offer, inclusive; the entire program turn-key, with the following structured promotions such as:

· An A+ Rated Insurance contract underwritten by Indian Harbor Insurance Company

· Rules and Regulations

· Hole in One winner and witness affidavits

· Free 18″ x 24″ Main prize sign with event sponsor logo

· Free bonus prizes for additional par 3 holes with signage

· Free Carnivore Attack Wedge certificate for every player from Pinshot.

· 24 hour customer service

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