Grand Canyon Fall Travel Guide Released Releases First Annual Grand Canyon Fall Travel Guide

Complimentary Grand Canyon vacation guide offers travel tips targeted to autumn visitors from Las Vegas, Phoenix, and surrounding gateways.

Page, Arizona (PRWEB) September 8, 2006 — Planning a vacation to Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park can turn into a daunting task. Deciding how to get there, where to stay, and what to do can be quite intimidating when one is still wondering “where is the Grand Canyon?” Now, all the information needed to plan a fun and memorable Grand Canyon vacation from beginning to end is in one place:’s “The Insider’s Guide to the Grand Canyon: Fall Edition.”

This edition went through several rewrites before its official release. Not because the Grand Canyon itself has changed all that much; what was in limbo until recently was the status of the Canyon’s North Rim in the wake of a 60,000 acre forest fire that forced the park to close briefly. Karlyn Bunting, President of explains, “We weren’t sure if the North Rim was even going to be open for visitors at one point, which would have been a pity because autumn is prime time to see that side of the Grand Canyon.” Fortunately, containment of the blaze was followed by a good rainy season, which means that travelers will have the option to enjoy the park from its cooler, less-crowded side at its best time of year. Grand Canyon South Rim was not affected by the fire and as usual, remains open year-round.

Like their Spring and Summer Travel Guides, “The Insider’s Guide to the Grand Canyon: Fall Edition” is offered as a free PDF e-book on A “companion piece” to the company’s Grand Canyon Top Tours brochure, “The Insider’s Guide to the Grand Canyon” is full of practical information that travelers need to plan their Grand Canyon trips, such as which airports to fly into, driving distances from major cities, what sort of clothing to pack, and how to find the Grand Canyon on MapQuest or Yahoo!.

In addition to basic facts about Grand Canyon lodging and tours, the guide also offers many “insider tips” that Karlyn and his staff have gleaned from decades of living and working around Grand Canyon National Park, such as cell phone coverage issues, where to find the best gas prices, and why autumn is the hands-down favorite time of year among the Grand Canyon area’s residents.

Karlyn says, “Grand Canyon weather in the fall is as close to perfect as it gets. Temperatures at the South Rim typically run in the 70’s, and the North Rim is about 10 degrees cooler. Once all the kids get back into school, crowds start to thin out, which makes autumn the ideal time for a truly relaxing Grand Canyon vacation.”

Fall foliage fans should plan to visit Grand Canyon’s North Rim around the third week of September to observe a radiant display of autumn color, courtesy of the area’s birch, aspen and oak trees. How the recent fire will affect foliage output remains to be seen, of course, but then again, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity as the scorched area about 30 miles North of the canyon rim may provide an eerily striking contrast to the explosion of color on the living trees.

So far, customer response to advance copies of the Grand Canyon Fall Travel Guide has been very positive. Gene C. of Atlanta, Georgia says that has done “an amazing job. This is a delightful brochure.” Mitzi S. from California describes it as “fabulous. I’ve read every single tip, and have even gone back to it two or three times to plan my trip, rule things out and what have you. If you’re a total ‘greenhorn’ and have never been there before, this is spectacular.” Clara N. says, “this guide is a keeper. We enjoyed it thoroughly even though we’ve been before. We particularly liked the information about the Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours, and the dining section.”

Grand is a Tourism Internet Marketing company based in Page/Lake Powell, Arizona who specialize in helping visitors get the most out of their Grand Canyon vacations. They provide free Grand Canyon vacation information and reservations services for Grand Canyon hotels and Grand Canyon Tours from Grand Canyon South Rim, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Page/Lake Powell. Download a free copy of “The Insider’s Guide to the Grand Canyon: Fall Edition” at or call (866) 944-7263 (Toll Free in US) or (928) 645-6845 (International Toll). Visitors planning Grand Canyon trips for winter, spring or summer can also order “Insider’s Guides to the Grand Canyon” for their chosen seasons.

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