New Guidebook to Florida Gulf Coast Beaches Published

Saint Petersburg, Florida (PRWEB) September 12, 2005 — Ask anyone who has ever visited the Florida Gulf Coast what his or her favorite beach is, and you’ll get as many different answers as there are people. There are so many different beaches that it can be difficult to know which is best for you and your family. Finding a place to park your car and access the beach is another challenge. In his new book, “Florida Beaches–Finding Your Paradise on the Lower Gulf Coast,” McRee provides visitors to West Florida’s Gulf Coast with all the information they need to find the perfect beach.

After visiting every Gulf beach from Dunedin to Marco Island, McRee has written detailed descriptions of 96 named beaches, and dozens of unnamed beaches, making it possible for anyone to quickly determine which beaches are the best for them, how to get there, and where to park. McRee has also included a chapter on how to avoid beach hazards such as sharks, jellyfish, sting rays, rip currents, red tide, crime, and other dangers.

As Florida’s population increases, beach access is becoming more and more restricted. McRee has located and identified many hard-to-find beach access points. His 176 page book is filled with detailed information on beach access locations and fees, hours of poeration, descriptions of facilities, type of sand and other natural and manmade features, where to swim and where not to swim, where to find a quiet secluded beach, and which beaches have free parking. Even lifelong Florida residents are surprised at the great variety of beaches on the Gulf Coast and discover new beaches to enjoy.

McRee also gives his opinion on the best beaches for swimming, walking, shelling, birding, camping, finding solitude, people-watching, and snorkeling. 48 black and white photographs and 25 maps make locating new beaches simple and easy. “Florida Beaches–Finding Your Paradise on the Lower Gulf Coast” is the most up-to-date and detailed access guide available for the beaches from Dunedin to Marco Island.

David McRee is a third-generation Florida native and grew up in Bradenton, Florida. He is the creator of, an online source for information on the Florida Gulf Coast beaches. McRee currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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