Hawaii Family Vacations Cost 2.5% More in 2005 Than in 2004

Nearly Up to Pre-9/11 Levels – According to the Annual Travel-Hawaii.com Hawaii Family Vacation Cost Index

HONOLULU, May 17 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the busy summer travel season, the results of the annual Travel-Hawaii.com Hawaii Family Vacation Cost Index are released.

The Travel-Hawaii.com Hawaii Family Vacation Cost Index is projected to increase by nearly 2.5% in 2005. This annual index measures the total dollar amount spent by a typical family of four, for a seven-night Hawaii vacation.

The index is based on the average total expenditures per day, per person, according to the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT). The DBEDT calculations include all monies spent on lodging, car rental, fuel and parking, taxis, shopping and souvenirs, meals, drinks, entertainment, inter-island flights, and activities. This number is then added to an airfare price average, which is based on round-trip airfare between various US mainland cities and Hawaii.

The projected cost of the average seven-night Hawaii vacation for a family of four is $6998.20 for 2005. While not quite up to pre 9/11 numbers, this cost increase is consistent with the trend of record setting Hawaii hotel occupancy rates, number of Hawaii visitors, and rising Hawaii hotel and air prices in 2004 and 2005.

Previous years indexes were:

2004 – $6831.12

2003 – $6591.32

2002 – $6342.04

2001 – $6476.20

2000 – $7259.80

The Travel-Hawaii.com Hawaii Family Vacation Cost Index represents the “average” spent on Hawaii vacations based on visitor surveys.

Of course, the actual dollar amount spent on Hawaii vacations could be significantly less. Traveling during off-peak times, staying in moderate accommodations, or purchasing special reduced airfares or hotels could greatly reduce costs.

Vacation costs could also be significantly higher if traveling during peak times such as summer, spring break, or holidays; staying in luxury accommodations, or purchasing higher cost activities such as spas or golf.

Hawaii vacation prices continue to rise, and the major economic forecasts project this trend will continue well into the future. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Travel Hawaii has specialized in Hawaii travel for over 20 years.

Travel-Hawaii.com has been on the Internet since 1997 and is the top Hawaii-based Internet travel agency. They can be contacted at http://travel-hawaii.com/ and toll-free from US and Canada at 888-373-2422, or 808-737-7726.

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