Hawaii Vacations Just Got Cheaper

Thousands of accommodation options for $99 & under per night on the GLAD Travel website, inter-island air fares reduced in half, low car rental rates, and a budget airline continuing the trend of low fares from the mainland to Hawaii mean Hawaii has recently become a budget travel destination for the long term.

Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) October 30, 2006 — Hawaii is no longer just a luxury tourist destination. Several factors are contributing to making it cheaper. http://www.gladtravel.com, a website for budget Hawaii travel, lists 1200+ accommodation options throughout the islands all of which are $99 or less. Options include anything from tropical vacation condo rentals to hostels that even have private kitchenettes. The introduction of a competitor (GO! Airlines) to inter-island air flights has caused all three carriers to offer $39 one way flights between any of the major Hawaiian islands. This is almost half what they used to be before June 2006. Car rentals have always been cheap, averaging around $25 per day. Several major airline carriers routinely offer specials on air flights from the mainland to Hawaii – $300 from California to Hawaii is becoming more commonplace than a one time offer, also partially due to a budget airline (ATA) extending flights to Hawaii.

Doing the math, an exotic Hawaii Vacation can now end up much cheaper than a tour of a major US city like New York or San Francisco or more mainstream beach locations like the Florida coast or southern California. This means students and backpackers can now consider Hawaii as an adventure travel destination.

“Island hopping in Hawaii, exploring exotic beaches, and eco-tourist activities should be way more appealing to a young adventure traveler than buying a standard package deal to Mexico or Florida – especially if Hawaii is the same price or lower,” states Anitra Pickett, CEO of http://www.gladtravel.com.

Pickett advises budget Hawaii travelers to do their research before booking a trip since this can save hundreds or even thousands.

“You can travel to Hawaii for very cheap if you know where to look and just ignore the travel agents and resorts that constantly tout how you have to pay big money to visit the islands. There is now a great opportunity for a cheap Hawaii vacation.”

About GLAD (GLobal ADventure) Travel:
GLAD Travel (www.gladtravel.com) is an advanced online search and booking engine for accommodation in the Hawaiian Islands. The website features 1200+ budget lodging options, all for $99 or less per night. GLAD Travel encourages authentic, adventurous, and responsible travel for the independent and budget-oriented traveler.

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