A Helping of Healthier Options on the Menu at SeaWorld Orlando

Park Announces New Restaurant, New Choices

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ — SeaWorld Orlando announces a healthier approach to theme park vacations with a new restaurant, trans fat- free frying, and an array of healthy choices throughout the park for kids and adults.


The park’s newest approach to healthier dining includes Mama’s Kitchen Healthy Alternatives, a quick-service restaurant offering an assortment of foods prepared with fresh ingredients and substitutes such as non-fat mayonnaise and dressing, whole wheat bread and pasta, zero trans fat frying oil and no preservatives.

The home-made healthy menu features sandwiches, salads and pastas including a fresh wheat baguette with low-fat seafood salad, and meat lover’s chili prepared with lean turkey. The little ones can enjoy a turkey hot dog served with a side of fresh baked potato chips and raisins. For those with a lighter appetite, there are also healthy snack options available such as fat- free chips, cookies, or popcorn.


The Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks — including SeaWorld and Busch Gardens — is the first and only theme park company to embark on a relationship with Healthy Dining, a respected organization that specializes in helping travelers find locations that offer healthy meals. Healthy Dining’s expert staff of registered dietitians and master’s level health/nutrition professionals consult with the restaurants to find menu items that meet their nutritionally-balanced criteria. The park currently has several meals listed on the site, and will expand its offerings in the coming year.

Entrees (or full meals) featured on healthydiningfinder.com should meet the following three criteria: 750 calories or less, 25 grams of fat or less, and 8 grams of saturated fat or less. These criteria are based on the recommendations of the USDA’S Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Most leading health organizations support and/or recommend similar guidelines.


For those with dietary restrictions, there are a variety of low-fat, low- carb, and vegetarian options also available throughout the park. All fried foods cooked in the park — such as french fries — are cooked with trans-free fat frying oil.

For the little tykes, all kids meals — served in a Shamu-shaped lunch box — include raisins, the option of substituting fresh fruit over fries, and the choice of 1% milk, 100% apple juice or orange juice, or bottled water.

Guests can order a delicious veggie burger at SeaFire Inn, or enjoy a vegetable fajita filled with tasty toppings such as corn, lettuce, salsa and black olives at Mango Joe’s. For a vegetarian taste of the Pacific Islands, Makahiki Luau offers an exotic dish of seared tofu with stir-fry vegetables.

If there is room for dessert, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth without having to feel guilty, and indulge on sugar-free, home-baked goods that are prepared fresh daily. Sugar-free strawberry mousse cake and sugar-free blueberry muffins are available at Cypress Bakery. When the entire family wants to “chill-out”, there is also sugar-free ice cream at Polar Parlor, and yummy sugar-free candies and chocolates at Sweet Sailin’ Candy Shop. For a fresh treat, seasonal fruits are available at most restaurants. (Just remember, if someone is looking for a perfect excuse to indulge on more sweets, 15 minutes of giggling can burn off the number of calories found in a square of chocolate.)

SeaWorld Orlando is the world’s premier marine adventure park with 200 acres of world-class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters. Millions of visitors have explored the mysteries of the sea with up-close animal interactions and exhilarating experiences. State-of-the-art rides give guests unprecedented thrills, while amazing animal encounters include killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks and more.

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