London, 21 October/GNN/ —

FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE News Release issued by the Government News
Network on 21 October 2005
Hurricane Wilma, a Category 4 hurricane (wind speeds up to 155 mph), hit the
Yucatan coast of Mexico today. Predictions vary, but it is expected to move
in a north-easterly direction towards the Florida coast in the US over the
weekend. Mexican and US authorities have been preparing for its impact.

British Nationals in the Yucatan area should continue to watch news and
weather reports for information, and take very seriously the advice of local
authorities. In an emergency, British Nationals and those in the affected
area should contact the British Embassy’s round-the-clock service in Mexico
on 00 52 55 52 42 85 82.

If you have friends and relatives in the affected areas, we strongly recommend
that you contact them now (in case phone networks are damaged later by the
hurricane) to ask about their plans and movements over the next few days.

In the UK, friends and relatives concerned about British nationals in Mexico
should call the Foreign Office’s general number on 020 7008 1500.

Staff from the British posts across the region are being re-deployed to the
area, and a consular rapid deployment team from London stands ready to deploy
if necessary. British consular officials are in Cancun. They will provide
whatever consular assistance they are able to British nationals who may be
affected by the hurricane.

Lord Triesman, Minister for Consular Policy said;

“British officials worked tirelessly to help British nationals affected by
Katrina and Rita, and stand ready to do the same for Wilma.’

“Consular staff in Mexico are in touch with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
in London and I will also be kept informed of progress and developments on
the ground.”

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