Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Announces New Breakfast Menu:

15 Innovative Signature Dishes Exclusively Available at Hyatt Properties

Hyatt Chefs Transform Mundane Mornings Into Dynamic Dining Experiences

Hyatt Restaurants Offer Culinary Innovations and Pour a Couple of Surprises

CHICAGO, IL — (MARKET WIRE) — 08/15/2005 — Hyatt is making an investment in its guests’ mornings. Business and leisure travelers alike will notice Hyatt’s contribution to their well being when they sit down to the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation and its more than 110 upscale Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt properties in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean announced today that its restaurants are making a commitment to becoming industry leaders in breakfast dining. For the first time in company history, Hyatt’s breakfast menu will offer 15 exclusive, signature breakfast dishes at all of its restaurants. Plus, from Seattle to Sarasota and Palm Springs to Puerto Rico, every Hyatt hotel will offer guests four additional selections that reflect regional tastes and traditions. The wide array of distinguishable breakfast dishes that will be standard at every property is a first for Hyatt.

“This is an exciting first step for Hyatt’s food and beverage re-invigoration campaign,” said Paul Daly, executive director of Food and Beverage, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “We want our guests to wake up and expect that they are going to eat the best breakfast in town. Whether at a resort, in the city or the suburbs, Hyatt guests will awake to the freshest of fare that will help them get a great start to the day.”

Innovative culinary presentations introduced on Hyatt’s new breakfast menu include Sticky Bun French Toast, Poached Eggs in a Pot and Breakfast in a Basket. The transformation of morning meal standards into creative, cutting-edge breakfast arrangements are meant to invigorate Hyatt’s guests as they start their day.

The same sensational offerings available in Hyatt’s full-service, breakfast dining rooms are also available on the room service breakfast menu.

Palate Sensations Beyond the Plate: Two Distinctive Breakfast Beverages

To make every breakfast experience a special one, Hyatt’s morning meal service will come with an extraordinary and tasty surprise. After ordering, every Hyatt customer will be greeted moments later with a 2.5-ounce chilled glass filled with a refreshing banana-berry or wild berry fruit smoothie. The light beverage is served complimentary with breakfast.

Additionally, for morning coffee lovers, Hyatt is the only hotel company that has partnered with StarbucksĀ® to bring its guests a French press offering. The personal pot, set tableside, is one of the purist ways to brew coffee. The French coffee press uses a fine screen to press down on the coffee grounds once they have soaked directly in water.

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