Make it an Independence Day to Remember With These Travel Tips From American Airlines

FORT WORTH, Texas, June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The July 4 holiday promises to be a very busy time for air travel, but by following a few “flying smart” tips, you can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your travels this holiday on American Airlines, a founding member of the global oneworld(R) Alliance:

* Know what to carry on. Customers may carry onboard one bag that will
fit in the overhead bin and does not exceed 45 linear inches (length +
height + width). They may also bring one personal item such as a
purse, briefcase or laptop that fits under the seat in front of you.
Items that don’t fit or that exceed the number must be checked
curbside or with an agent at the ticket counter. With planes expected
to be full, this policy helps ensure that onboard space is available
for all passengers.

* Leave the fireworks at home. Although fireworks are popular during
Fourth of July celebrations, the FAA strictly prohibits customers from
carrying fireworks onboard aircraft — either in checked baggage or as
carry-on items.

* Hold on to your valuables. Be sure to carry all cameras, jewelry,
documents, prescription medicine and other valuables with you at all

* Place identification inside your luggage, too. A business card, an
address, or a copy of a travel itinerary inside a bag can be very
helpful in reuniting a bag with its owner should the ID tag become
detached in transit.

* Check the temperature before you check your pet. American has
temperature restrictions in place to ensure that pets are not exposed
to extreme heat when they — and their owners — go on summer vacation
together. In order to keep your pet safe, American cannot accept
animals as checked baggage if the current or forecasted temperature is
above 85 degrees at any location along your itinerary (origin,
connecting point, or destination). For some pets, the limit is
75 degrees. To view American’s pet acceptance policies, visit .

* Keep children safe and protected. Give your child a passcode that
only you and he/she know so your child can’t be tricked by another
adult claiming them if they get separated or lost at the airport.
Make sure children know the full names of their parents and how
to contact them. Keep items with children’s names on them out of
sight. And it’s always a good idea to keep children’s footprints and
fingerprints on file at home.

* Leaving the country? Don’t leave these behind. Be sure to have the
proper documentation with you — passports, visas, tourist cards and
the like — if you’re traveling internationally. Make copies and
carry an extra set with you; let others back home have a copy, too.
Know how to contact the U.S. Embassy in the country you’re visiting;
carry the address with you and instructions on how to get there. If
you’re a single parent traveling with a child to an international
destination, make sure you bring authorization from the other parent
to travel outside the country.

* Beat the crowds and arrive early. Get to the airport at least 60
minutes ahead of time for domestic flights (90 minutes if you have
bags to check), and at least two hours ahead for international trips.
Some cities have even earlier suggested check-in times because of
lengthy TSA security checkpoint lines. Check the Travel Information
section of (“About Checking In”) for cities where earlier
check-in is recommended.

* Check in beforehand at At , you can
check in up to 24 hours prior to your flight, select or change seats,
and print out your boarding pass. If you have bags to check, use
American’s convenient Curbside Check-in option when you arrive at the
airport (it’s just $2 per bag at most airports), and then head
straight to Security and your gate.

* Use Self-Service Check-in Machines at the airport. Self-Service
Machines are another automated check-in option that are quick and easy
to access. You can check luggage at them, too. They can also be used
to purchase upgrades ($50 per 500 miles) or confirm flight changes
($25) within three hours of the scheduled departure on the original

* Move Through Security quickly by being prepared. Have your photo ID
or passport available for Security, and wear shoes that are easy to
slip on and off. Take your laptop out of its case and put cell phones
and pagers in purses or other carry-on bags before getting in the
security line.

For more travel tips, visit . Then, get ready to have a great trip over the Fourth of July on American Airlines.

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