The Internet: Consumers’ Favorite Travel Destination

88% of Online Consumers Use the Internet to Purchase or Plan This Summer’s Vacations

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Overwhelmingly, consumers are turning to the Internet for their summer travel planning and purchasing needs, according to independent research conducted by Feedback Research, a division of the Claria Corporation (, a leader in online behavioral marketing.

By analyzing the actual online traffic and conducting a survey among a sample of Claria’s tens of millions of software users, Feedback Research was able to gain insight into online travel research and purchasing habits. Data was analyzed from April 1 through July 1, 2005, in the months leading up to summer vacation travel. A survey was also conducted among users who viewed travel category sites in the prior 30 days and also had purchased travel in the prior 12 months.

Results indicated that consumers are still taking a trip to the Internet for their travel planning and purchasing needs, with 88% of survey respondents who went or are planning to go on summer vacation using or planning to use the Internet to research and/or purchase their summer vacation arrangements this year. 61% of respondents who went or were planning to go on summer vacation this year purchased or planned to purchase airline tickets online, +11 pts vs. those who went on a summer vacation last year. 52% purchased or planned to purchase hotel accommodations online, a +12 pt increase from last year.

Further results indicate:

Consumers Travel Online to Compare Prices

Low prices seem to be the key driver for consumers researching and buying travel for their summer vacations this year:

— When purchasing travel arrangements, 53% of respondents indicated that
they would travel with the brand/company that offered the lowest price.
— Among respondents who purchased travel online:

– 78% chose the site(s) they typically purchase from because of good
– 56% because the site was easy to use; and
– 28% because of loyalty or frequent flyer programs.

— 73% of respondents who purchased travel online have researched travel
at a general site, but then went to a specific company’s site to
purchase their travel arrangements.

– 52% of those respondents did so because they found that company
sites offered the lowest prices.
– 47% cited special deals and 43% cited better prices at company
sites while 22% wanted to receive frequent flyer credit.

— Consumers, perhaps looking for a low-cost travel deal, seemed to site-
hop between general travel sites and major airline sites:

– Over half of those who viewed, or during research period, also viewed

— Site-hopping also seemed to be popular among general travel sites; Of
those who viewed during the research period, 71% also
viewed, 67% also viewed and 62% also viewed
— Of all travel category sites, airline only sites seemed to have to most
repeat viewers per month during the research period: had
the most repeat viewers with the average viewer coming back 9.31 times,
this followed by with 9.29 times and with 9.19 times.

Internet Eases Procrastination for Travel Planners

— Among respondents who went or were planning to go on summer vacation
this year, 73% started planning 1 week to 3 months before leaving.
— Travel sites saw their biggest increases in traffic in mid-June. saw the biggest jump, closely followed by, and
— 50% of respondents typically purchase travel arrangements online 1 to 2
times a year while 27% purchased travel arrangements online 3 to 5
times a year.

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About Claria Corporation: Founded in 1998, Claria Corporation is a leader in online behavioral marketing. Claria’s behavioral data platform provides Web publishers and advertisers with the ability to display content and advertisements targeted to anonymous, individual consumers, based on their interests. Claria provides marketing research and business insights through its Feedback Research division, delivering in-depth analytics of consumer Web usage patterns across the Internet. Claria’s Vista Marketing Services division is dedicated to bringing consumers a more relevant and highly personalized Web experience. Claria headquarters are located in Redwood City, CA, with U.S. offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Austin, and International offices in the U.K. and Asia.

About Feedback Research: Feedback Research, a division of the Claria Corporation, offers a breakthrough way to conduct one-to-one research with tens of millions of consumers while they surf the Web. With access to the wealth of information and respondents from Claria’s GAIN Network, Feedback Research can help advertisers find out more about customers because advertisers can create samples based on what consumers actually do online rather than using self-reported data.

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