For Third Consecutive Year … Las Vegas, Caribbean Cruising Rank As Top Destinations: Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s 2006 Travel Trends Survey

Travelers Rediscover Puerto Vallarta as it Jumps into the Top 5 of the Authoritative Survey of 363 Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associate Agencies

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates unveiled the 2006 results of their authoritative annual Travel Trends Survey, in which Las Vegas remains king of domestic destinations and Caribbean cruising continues to be the hottest international option for travelers. In addition, Puerto Vallarta made an exciting leap into the top five from its 12th position in 2005. The 2006 Travel Trends Survey of 363 Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associate owners, managers and frontline agents throughout the United States — roughly equivalent to one response per every two locations — was conducted November 28-December 16, 2005.

“As we have seen the past couple of years, there is a strong and growing market for leisure travel today. Despite negative events last year, both natural and otherwise, people want to travel,” stated Roger E. Block, CTC, Executive Vice President of the Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associate Division. “Because of the desire, travelers are turning to knowledgeable travel agents who can help them find alternatives if their initial choice is unavailable. The surge in travel to Puerto Vallarta and the western coast of Mexico in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma is a perfect example.”

According to Block, another good example is the response from Carlson Wagonlit Travel experts as to their outlook for their personal business in 2006. “When nearly 84% respond that their bookings are equal to or above the same time period last year and over 82% are either fairly or very optimistic about the year ahead, we know that travelers and vacationers are realizing the value, knowledge and expertise that is available to them by using the experience only available through their local travel agent,” added Block.

Top Vacation Destinations: U.S. and International

When asked to forecast the most popular U.S. destinations for 2006 based on their actual bookings to date, nearly 80% of the respondents named Las Vegas, securing the city’s number-one ranking in the survey for the fourth year in a row. The popularity of cruising continues to grow and when combined with the sun and sand of the Caribbean, one understands why Caribbean cruising was named the most popular international “destination” by over 76% of Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associate experts.

Also noteworthy:

— Overall Mexico dominates the Top 10 international destinations with
five vacation options — Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
cruises and Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos placing 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10,
respectively. “People have discovered and in some cases rediscovered
other areas of Mexico that are great getaway locations,” noted Block.
“Fortunately for Mexico, despite this past season’s hurricanes, it
offers so many different regional options and types of vacation at such
a good value, it is no wonder people continue to go back year after

— Hawaii is still the perfect island paradise for many travelers. Again,
three of the top domestic destinations are Hawaiian with Maui and
Honolulu remaining at numbers 3 and 4, while Kauai moved up a notch to
number 8 in this year’s survey. “Hawaii remains a perennial favorite
thanks to everything from relaxing beaches to adventurous mountain
biking,” said Block. “For people looking for an exotic getaway without
needing their passports, Hawaii is it.”

— European destinations continue to rebound after their post 9/11 slump.
Rome continues to leapfrog other international destinations, this year
landing at number 6. Two years ago Rome was 11th in the rankings.
London remains squarely in the top ten, sitting at number 7 again this
year. Also increasing in popularity are Mediterranean cruising, which
moved up two spots to number 11, and Paris, inching up to number 14 on
this year’s list.

— Domestically, Denali National Park in Alaska and Anaheim/Orange Co.
continue climbing from 14 and 15 last year to numbers 11 and 12,
respectively, this year. Also on the rise, Chicago is up two positions
to number 16 and Denver jumps four spots to land inside the top twenty
at number 19. Headed in the opposite direction are Washington D.C.,
which slid four spots to number 15, and Los Angeles which was 10th
overall two years ago and has fallen to number 20 in this year’s

The following lists display the top ten domestic and international destinations for 2006, along with results from the 2005 survey conducted one year ago.*

Top 10 Domestic Destinations: 2006 Top 10 Domestic Destinations: 2005

1 – Las Vegas, NV 79.6% 1 – Las Vegas, NV 82%
2 – Orlando, FL 71.3% 2 – Orlando, FL 75%
3 – Maui, HI 58.1% 3 – Maui, HI 56%
4 – Honolulu, HI 57.9% 4 – Honolulu, HI 53%
5 – New York City, NY 40.8% 5 – New York City, NY 33%
6 (tie) – Anchorage, AK 19.0% 6 – Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ 21%
6 (tie) – Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ 19.0% 7 – Anchorage, AK 16%
8 – Kauai, HI 16.3% 8 – Fort Myers, FL 15%
9 – Fort Myers, FL 16.0% 9 – Kauai, HI 14%
10 – San Francisco, CA 12.7% 10 – San Francisco, CA 13%

Top 10 International Top 10 International
Destinations: 2006 Destinations: 2005

1 – Caribbean Cruising 76.3% 1 – Caribbean Cruising 83%
2 – Riviera Maya, Mexico 51.2% 2 – Cancun, Mexico 70%
3 – Cancun, Mexico 49.3% 3 – Riviera Maya, Mexico 47%
4 – Jamaica 34.7% 4 – Jamaica 34%
5 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 30.6% 5 – Punta Cana, D. Republic 33%
6 – Rome, Italy 25.6% 6 – Playa del Carmen, 28%
7 – London, United Kingdom 23.4% Mexico
8 – Punta Cana, D. Republic 22.6% 7 – London, United Kingdom 20%
9 – Cruising Mexico 19.0% 8 – Mexico Cruising 19%
10 – Cabo San Lucas/ 16.5% 9 (tie) – Aruba 17%
Los Cabos, Mexico 9 (tie) – Cozumel, Mexico 17%
9 (tie) – Rome, Italy 17%

Top 5 Cruise Destinations: 2006 Top 5 Cruise Destinations: 2005

1. Caribbean (Western) 30.6% 1. Caribbean (Western) 39.2%
2. Alaska 24.8% 2. Alaska 16.3%
3. Caribbean (Eastern) 20.1% 3. Caribbean (Eastern) 14.1%
4. Caribbean (Southern) 8.8% 4. Caribbean (Southern) 9.5%
5. Mexican Riviera 5.8% 5. (tie) Hawaii 4%
5. (tie) Mexican Riviera 4%

New for 2006

The following questions were asked for the first time in the 2006 Travel Trends Survey based on major events and news headlines from the past year.

How much impact have the recent hurricanes had on consumers’ choice of location?

Very low impact 6%
Fairly low impact 23%
Can’t tell 12%
Fairly high impact 46%
Very high impact 13%

For travelers looking for an alternative to Cancun/Yucatan, what is the top choice?

1. Puerto Vallarta 33%
2. Punta Cana 20%
3. Jamaica 12%
4. Cabo San Lucas 9%
5. (tie) Ixtapa 5%
5. (tie) Mexican W. Coast 5%

What has had the biggest impact on future travel in 2006?
1. Natural disasters 60%
2. High fuel costs 12%
3. Airline turmoil 11%
4. Other* 10%
5. Terrorist acts 6%
6. Bird flu 1%
* Most responses were economical in nature

Business Outlook and Travel Trends

Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s 2006 Travel Trends Survey asked respondents to identify key 2006 travel trends and to forecast their outlook for business in the year ahead. Nearly 84% responded that their bookings are equal to or above the same time period last year. In addition, over 82% are either fairly or very optimistic about the year ahead.

Comparing 2006 bookings so far What is your personal outlook
to your 2005 bookings at this on your business for 2006?
time last year, which is true?
Our 2005 bookings are up: 56.0% Very optimistic: 30.0%
Our 2005 bookings are even: 27.5% Fairly optimistic: 52.3%
Our 2005 bookings are down: 16.5% Neither optimistic
nor pessimistic: 13.8%
Fairly pessimistic: 3.3%
Very pessimistic: 0.6%

Regarding 2005 bookings to date, what trends have you noticed?
2006 Survey 2005 Survey
Average length of vacations booked: 6-7 days 71.3% 71.1%
International travel seems to be on the rebound: 55.4% 55.9%
Cruising is becoming more popular: 53.7% 53.1%
Booking window is lengthening 52.3%
Clients are feeling more confident about traveling 48.5% 60.2%
farther from home
Clients are spending more per vacation: 47.1% 45.6%
Europe bookings are up over last year 31.4% 28.5%

With Carlson Wagonlit Travel, your vacation experience begins with ours. To find the Carlson Wagonlit Travel location nearest you call 1-800-CARLSON or visit .

* Survey of 398 Carlson Wagonlit Travel agents taken Dec. 1-20, 2004.

Carlson Travel Group, Inc. is a subsidiary of Minneapolis-based Carlson Companies, Inc. Brands include: Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Cruise Holidays, Results Travel, SeaMaster Cruises, Carlson Leisure Travel Services and Carlson Destination Marketing Services. In 2005, for the ninth consecutive year, a Carlson Travel Franchise Group brand was named the top travel business franchise by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500(R); Franchise Times ranked the Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associate Program as the 3rd top franchise overall in 2005 for the fifth year in a row.

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