Lifting Luggage can be a Back-Breaking Experience

OSHKOSH, WI – August 7, 2006 – Medical clinics and chiropractic
offices across the country are seeing an increase in the number
of patients with neck, back and shoulder injuries as a result of
lifting heavy carry-on luggage improperly when putting it into
the overhead compartment on commercial airlines. In fact, in
2003, hospitals and physicians’ offices treated more than 51,800
luggage-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission. Contributing to the problem is the fact that
airlines are now strictly enforcing checked baggage weight
limitations, and as result, travelers are now cramming more items
into their carry-on bags.

However, the problem doesn’t stop there. Not only are air
travelers sustaining more injuries from improperly lifting carry-
on bags when putting them into the overhead compartments, but
also when carrying their checked bags to the airport or when
removing them from the luggage carousels at their final travel
destination. To help eliminate the risk of pulled muscles,
strains or other injuries, air travelers are now shipping their
luggage ahead rather than checking it through the airlines.
Shipping luggage ahead is not only much easier on the back, neck
and shoulders, but it is convenient, safe and secure.

Niche companies such as The Luggage Club, a leading door-to-door
luggage, sports equipment and goods delivery service have emerged
to relieve travelers of these back-breaking experiences. The
Luggage Club is positioned to meet the needs of this growing
trend of travelers shipping their luggage in advance of their
trip. Travelers’luggage can be picked up at their home or
location of choice, delivered to their travel destination and
returned again at the end of their trip. Plus, The Luggage Club
has no limits on size, weight or number of pieces of luggage
being shipped and service is offered in 220 countries worldwide.

Gene Langenecker of The Luggage Club states, “Our service is not
only convenient and provides the customer with the peace-of- mind
of knowing their bags are going to be at their travel
destination, but it is a healthy alternative to lugging those
heavy and awkward bags to, through and from the airport.”
Langenecker goes on to say, “Air travel can be challenging enough
at times; no one wants to arrive or return from a business trip
or family vacation only to make a trip to the doctor’s office
because of an injury sustained from handling their bags.”

The Luggage Club offers a variety of money-saving programs
including a Handicap Program for travelers with disabilities, a
Corporate Program for business travelers and a three-tiered
Travelers Club Membership Program for frequent travelers, plus
Gift Cards are available for purchase.

For more information on The Luggage Club, visit or call 877-231-5131 (toll-free).

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