How the London Bombings Affect U.S. Travelers

Access America Explains Travel Insurance Terrorism Coverage

RICHMOND, Va., July 8 /PRNewswire/ — In the wake of the bombings in London U.S. travelers visiting the city may need assistance and information. “Access America has thousands customers currently traveling in London. We insure and assist them both directly and through travel agents, cruise lines, air lines and tour operators,” said Beth Godlin, Senior Vice President of Travel Markets at Access America, a leader in travel insurance and assistance.

“Your travel insurance provider can ease the stress of disastrous situations by facilitating communications, making medical and transportation arrangements, and coordinating replacement of passports and personal identification,” explained Godlin. “Plus, our customers have access to the world’s largest healthcare network.”

According to the US Travel Insurance Association (UStiA), approximately 30% of leisure travelers bought travel insurance in 2004, compared with an estimated 10% of travelers buying travel insurance before 9/11.

Travel Insurance Coverage for Terrorist Events

“Travelers considering buying trip insurance should investigate what type of coverage they want and need and make sure they know what they are buying,” Godlin recommended, noting that policies vary by benefit, price, coverage levels and restrictions. “It’s also important to check out the company that is providing the insurance. Access America has been in the travel insurance business for more than 20 years, helping clients through good times and bad, including 9/11, supplier bankruptcies, the 2004 hurricane season and the tsunami.”

Access America comprehensive plans provide coverage for events that are the result of terrorist events as recognized by the U.S. State Department. Benefits include coverage for:

* Trip cancellation & interruption
* Emergency medical and dental needs
* Emergency medical evacuations
* 24-hour hotline assistance

Access America’s QuickClaim Turnaround means that covered claims are paid within 7 days after the company receives claim forms and necessary documentation. To file a claim online, visit

Free Emergency Message Service for All Americans

Access America is providing complimentary TravelCare Emergency Messaging to Americans in London or to those who have loved ones there — regardless of whether they are customers — to help people reach loved ones during this time of need.

* Access America TravelCare Emergency Messaging: 866-456-3107 (toll
* Access America TravelCare Emergency Messaging: 804-673-5473 (int’l

About Access America

Access America provides travel insurance and assistance to millions of travelers each year. As the travel division of World Access Service Corp., a global leader in insurance products and emergency assistance services, Access America uses cutting-edge technology to deliver customized solutions that increase revenue and enhance value for travel agents, travel suppliers, credit card companies and more. World Access Service Corp. is a member of the Mondial Assistance Group, an international leader in travel insurance and assistance with operations centers in 28 countries. Visit

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