The Lorraine Hotel Goes Wireless

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 23, 2006 — The Lorraine Hotel (, just steps from the boardwalk and the beautiful Miami beaches, now offers its hotel guests Internet wireless access for all of its rooms and the common areas as well, including its spacious lobby.

The Lorraine Hotel recognizes that more and more travelers are taking their laptop computers on vacations and that hotel guests want to be able to go online from their own computers. The Lorraine Hotel has always provided two computer terminals in the lobby of the hotel; allowing their guests free access to these computers. But it recognized that hotel guests increasingly wanted to go online from their own laptop computers, so the hotel installed a wireless Internet connection for every room in the hotel that allows guests free access to the Internet.

“We recognized that more and more of our guest were bringing their laptop computers with them, and would ask if the hotel provided wireless Internet access,” said Luis Puerto, the hotel manager. “I approached the owners of the hotel with the idea of installing a wireless Internet connection and they agreed.”

Travelers, if they bring a laptop with them usually have a wireless card to allow their computers to receive a signal that allows them to connect to the Internet. It really is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money for phone lines in every room so that hotel guest can connect to the Internet. The wireless solution allows the hotel guest to view his or her e-mails from the comfort of their own hotel room. It makes a lot of sense from the hotel’s perspective and accomplishes the goal of making the hotel guest feel that the hotel is trying to make his or her stay more satisfying.

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