First Luggage Proves the ‘Case’ for Luggage-Free Travel as US Office Opens

LONDON, November 3/PRNewswire/ —

- “You pack your suitcases and then First Luggage come to your hotel or home and collect them. Magically, they arrive at your destination before you do. You don’t have to wait for your luggage at the airport, which is a complete waste of time. It’s a brilliant plan for people like me who are always busy.” – Joan Collins

Innovative travel service, First Luggage, launches officially today in the States – enabling American travellers to send their luggage separately, cost-effectively and with complete confidence worldwide.

First Luggage is responsible for pioneering luggage-free travel in the UK and has already gained official ambassadors in glamorous Joan Collins and British travel veteran Alan Whicker. With increasing excess baggage charges and security worries, more people than ever are choosing to send their luggage ahead – whether it’s skis for the upcoming season, suitcases, dive bags, golf clubs or strollers. First Luggage is for everyone who wants to ensure their holiday experience is perfect from beginning to end.

Gideon Kasfiner, Director and entrepreneur behind London based First Luggage, comments “We specialise in sending luggage internationally, rather than state to state like other US based equivalents. Such services have been perceived more as a luxury than essential to date, but with our American launch and prices starting at just $230 to Europe, it’s a small amount to pay for an A-list lifestyle.”

First Luggage collects from home or office before departure to ensure everything is waiting at the hotel, chalet or villa, maximising holiday time and ensuring no luggage is lost en route. Constant updates from experienced operators allow you to relax and enjoy the experience, as you whisk through check in and straight past miserable travellers waiting at the carousel the other end.

Full rates and information: US Toll free +1-800-224-5781 or

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