Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage To Open October 11, 2005

BEACHWOOD, Ohio, June 2 /PRNewswire/ — An exciting new cultural landmark, the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, will open with a spectacular Grand Opening community celebration on Oct. 11, 2005. The evening before, the Maltz Museum will host a Gala to commemorate the opening.

The Maltz Museum will illuminate the achievements, history and traditions of the Jewish community through stunning, state-of-the-art exhibits. Compelling personal stories and oral histories are brought to life by film, computer interactives, special effects and dramatic exhibitions that feature unique artifacts, art, documents and images.

The Maltz Museum is a collaboration between the Maltz Family Foundation, the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland and The Temple – Tifereth Israel, with research support from the Western Reserve Historical Society. Founder Milton Maltz’s company, The Malrite Company, has been the lead developer of the Maltz Museum. Malrite focuses on the development of innovative museum projects around the country, including the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

“The Maltz Museum is the American story. It will explore the lives of individuals and their families in terms of their social, cultural, economic and scientific contributions to the region, the nation and the world,” said Milton Maltz. “The first Jewish immigrants arrived in Cleveland in 1839,” Maltz continued. “The Museum will tell their story of achievement through stunning, state of the art exhibits.” He and his wife Tamar have made their vision for the Museum a reality through their generosity and hands-on involvement in all aspects of the institution’s development.

Added Tamar Maltz, “Visitors from all backgrounds and faiths will have the unique opportunity to learn about the similarities between the experiences of their ancestors and Jewish immigrants, enabling them to better understand and appreciate their own personal history.”

The permanent exhibition at the Maltz Museum – An American Story includes:
* Playland to the Palace: From the Marx Brothers to “Seinfeld,” learn
more about the history of Jewish entertainers in the Museum’s 1920s
style Nickelodeon Theater. A film focusing on theater, music and
performers is narrated by Oscar-winning actor Joel Grey, star of
Cabaret and son of Yiddish comedian and musician Mickey Katz.

* The World Remade: Explore the modern state of Israel; understand why
its founding was so important as the first democracy in the Middle
East, and learn about the close ties between Israel and Cleveland.

* Take the Test: Enjoy many hands-on, interactive experiences at the
Museum, including the opportunity to take the same citizenship test
given to U.S. immigrants as they arrived at Ellis Island during the
great European immigration boom.

* The World Destroyed: Come face-to-face with the horrors of the
Holocaust and the ability of the human spirit to triumph. View

fascinating oral histories provided by survivors and their children
that tell of the Holocaust from the perspective of Northeast Ohioans.

* To Serve: Jews and other immigrant groups have been the backbone of
U.S. patriotism, starting with the American Revolution. Listen to
captivating wartime stories shared first-hand by those who fought and
served our country.

The Museum will also include The Temple – Tifereth Israel Gallery, featuring highlights from the important, comprehensive collection of art and artifacts from The Temple’s Museum of Religious Art. Much of The Temple’s collection was recovered and brought to Cleveland in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

In addition, a 4,000-square-foot special exhibition gallery at the Museum will regularly feature changing exhibitions of national and international prominence.

“The Maltz Museum will be a lens for all people to find their own stories. It will be a place that motivates, educates and surprises,” said Carole R. Zawatsky, Maltz Museum Executive Director.

About the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is a collaboration between The Maltz Family Foundation, the Centennial Initiative of Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, and The Temple – Tifereth Israel, with research support from the Western Reserve Historical Society. General admission is $7 for adults; $5 for seniors and college students. Children under 12 are admitted free. For more information about the Maltz Museum, visit

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