Marquis Jet Reports Surge in Private Jet Travel for Families

Private jet travel now reaches far beyond the boardroom and holds a strong presence in the leisure travel market. This is predominantly due to the fact that companies like Marquis Jet are making world class private aviation more accessible and hassle free than ever before. Accordingly, more families are taking advantage of the convenience, safety and overall comfort that comes with flying privately. The Marquis Jet Card, the award-winning global leader in private jet cards, allows the entire family to access the stellar quality and selection of NetJets’, the gold standard in private aviation, 25-hours at a time for one simple payment. From the immediate family of four to the extended family of eight or more, the Marquis Jet Card makes going to Grandma’s house (or traveling to Cabo with Grandma) a vacation unto itself.

It’s no secret that family vacations have long tested one’s organization skills. Today, as family vacations often entail bringing along nannies, I-Pods, game boys, sports equipment, diapers, family pets, etc., the variables often balloon to extremes and lead to confusion and stress. The Marquis Jet Card program allows families to travel in comfort and ease, providing enough space to transport your belongings and even four-legged family members. The ability to access this added comfort and flexibility is priceless when traveling in a group.

Additionally, an added benefit to the Marquis Jet Card program is the benefits of Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response® program. This unique program offers Marquis Jet Card Owners access to medical support from Mayo Clinic while they are on a NetJets aircraft or at their destination anywhere in the world, 24-hours per day. Highly trained and experienced critical care flight nurses and physicians are a phone call away, offering the security and value of the very best medical assistance for Marquis Jet Card Owners and their traveling companions wherever they may be and at all times.

Marquis Jet management has seen an increase in families using the Marquis Jet Card as their primary mode of leisure air travel over the past few years. The Card provides families a convenient mode of transportation, allowing for flexibility, added comfort, and privacy. In fact, Marquis Jet has often seen two families jointly purchase a card, either to be used for shared vacations or to divide up the air time on an individual basis. This way costs can be split without sacrificing the benefits associated with flying privately.

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