Sidecar Suite Rolls Out Motorcycle Travel/Lifestyle Magazine

TARZANA, Calif., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Sidecar Suite, Inc. announces the publication of Road Trip, the first magazine devoted to the motorcycle travel lifestyle and dedicated to entertaining and informing a burgeoning niche of motorcyclists with a zeal for motorcycling and a love of travel. These affluent, professional, highly educated, and multidimensional riders relish all aspects of travel and seek to turn every weekend escape and vacation into a two-wheeled journey. Unlike other magazines, Road Trip serves the needs of these discerning riders who can afford to satisfy their wanderlust in comfort and style. From motorcycles to accommodations, they want only the finest.

Road Trip sets the pace and aims to become the sole authoritative guide to motorcycle travel, providing motorcycle and travel industry news alongside dependable advice: lively features, tips on what to see and do, and information on the amenities upscale touring riders demand. The magazine investigates and reports on emerging touring trends as well as on the best recreational activities, historical and cultural attractions, lodging, and dining. It also introduces and reviews a wide range of products that enhance motorcycle travel.

According to co-publisher Gary Dolgoff, “Road Trip not only arouses a passion for the highway, it captures the thrill of the unknown and celebrates the discoveries that lay at the end of the road.” He adds that while most magazines dwell on the nuts and bolts of the machines and the road beneath their wheels, Road Trip instead cultivates the art of traveling on two wheels. Dolgoff, a seasoned motorcycle traveler and writer, and co-editor and publisher Kate Jackson, editorial director and lifelong traveler, created Road Trip to address the long-ignored legions of riders who know that there’s more to the ride than the road.

With a controlled circulation, the magazine will launch in three phases. The 92-page September/October premiere issue of Road Trip goes to 25,000 motorcyclists in California and neighboring states, the November/December issue will be distributed nationally to 40,000 riders. Beginning in January 2006, the magazine goes monthly with a circulation of 60,000-a number the publishers anticipate will double by 2007.

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