National Campground Survey Predicts Busy July Fourth Holiday

Late Reservations and Walk-Ins Expected to Boost Occupancy More Than 80 Percent

VENTURA, Calif., June 28 /PRNewswire/ — The Woodall’s/ARVC RV Park and Campground Survey estimates occupancy at privately operated campgrounds nationwide this Fourth of July holiday will be 75 percent on July 1, 83 percent on July 2 and 80 percent on July 3. Reservations are already ahead of last year’s by 2 percent.

This means that about 848,000 sites will be rented on Friday, 938,000 on Saturday and 904,000 on Sunday in privately owned campgrounds. The commercial campground owners will entertain and lodge more than a million families and/or parties — in excess of three million people over the Fourth of July weekend.

Campgrounds are an important component in supporting local economies. The Recreation Industries Research Center at Michigan State University estimates that direct spending by campers (in local communities near the campgrounds) staying in commercial campgrounds on the Fourth of July weekend will be $245 million nationwide. The average camping party spends about $91 per night in communities around the campgrounds. The direct spending figure does not include the campground fees paid to the commercial campgrounds.

Fuel prices do not appear to be a limiting factor in RV travel this summer. Despite record-high gasoline prices nationwide, RVers and campers are still traveling in record numbers. They are also traveling more often and use long holiday weekends as frequent getaway periods. This Fourth of July is no exception. The 2 percent increase in campground reservations is consistent with the expected 2.3 percent increase in summer leisure travel predicted by the travel industry.

Still considered one of the most flexible and convenient ways for families to travel, RVs provide transportation and accommodations in one convenient package. This all-in-one travel mode makes planned or spur-of-the-moment trips easy.

RV trips continue to be less expensive than flying, driving a car or taking a train/bus and staying in a hotel; or taking a cruise. RVing remains the least expensive mode of travel, even when fuel prices increase.

While there is still room available in commercial campgrounds, it’s best to make reservations. Woodall’s, celebrating 70 years in the business, is one of the most comprehensive resources in the industry. Its directory rates campgrounds and RV parks in order to assist travelers with finding their ideal destination. Online resources include .

Occupancy information and estimates come from a national campground occupancy monitoring study conducted by the Recreation Industries Research Center at Michigan State University. The monitoring is conducted of campgrounds around the country on a weekly basis. The estimate of nightly spending was derived from numerous studies conducted of camper spending.

The Woodall’s/ARVC RV Park and Campground Survey collects weekly occupancy numbers and economic spending patterns from participating parks and campgrounds. First introduced in spring 2004, this study is the first and only one of its kind and provides invaluable information about commercial campground and RV park activity. There are more than one million sites available in 8,000 commercial RV parks and campgrounds throughout the United States.

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