New Survey Confirms Escalating Gasoline Prices May Affect Future Travel Plans

ORLANDO, FL — (MARKET WIRE) — 09/19/2005 — A new national survey of active travelers has revealed that fully 53% say their travel plans would change if gasoline prices reach $3.50 per gallon. Among them, 26% said they would “drive a shorter distance on vacation.” An additional 26% said they would “save money on other aspects of their vacation.” Fifteen percent (15%) said they would probably fly instead of drive to their destination. But in some encouraging news for the travel industry, only 19% said they would actually cancel their trip.

The results were taken from a nationally projectable survey of adult leisure travelers who are planning to take a “drive vacation” with their personal automobile or rental car during the next six months. Respondents were interviewed during the week of September 12, 2005. Other highlights of the survey include:

– Respondents were planning to drive an average of 582 miles on their
next “drive vacation”;
– Twenty-five percent were planning to drive a mid-sized sedan, 20% an
SUV, 14% an economy car, 11% a pickup truck, and 10% a full-sized sedan;
– Five percent were planning to drive a recreational vehicle or pull a
towable RV;
– One-third (33%) of respondents indicated their plans would change if
gasoline were to reach $3.25 per gallon, and an additional 20% indicated
the same at a price of $3.50 per gallon; only 14% indicated their plans
would not change regardless of the price of gasoline;
– When asked about the price at which gasoline would cause them to
cancel their “drive vacation,” 13% indicated they could cancel at $3.25 per
gallon, an additional 13% stated $3.50 per gallon, another 8% cited $3.75
per gallon, and 20% stated $4.00 per gallon;
– 46% of respondents indicated they expect the price of gasoline to
decrease during the next six months; 35% expect it to increase, and 19%
expect it to stay the same;
– When asked about the other activities in which they were less likely
to participate as a result of rising gas prices, 56% said “dine out,” 47%
said “go to the movies” or “buy electronics,” 41% said “buy clothes or buy
gifts,” and 26% said “spend more of my budget for other ordinary living

Respondents were 50% male, 50% female, and all were over 18 years of age. All estimates are accurate to within +/- 4% at a 95% confidence.
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