The New York Palace Hotel to Commemorate Second Anniversary of Northeast Blackout With Unveiling of the ‘Safe Haven’ Generator

- Development of ‘Safe Haven’ Generator Arms Landmark Luxury Hotel with Unprecedented Strength in the Event of a Power Outage -

- ‘Safe Haven’ Generator has the Capacity to Power 100% of Hotel with Full Electricity and Full Air Conditioning for as Many Days as Needed -

- Hotel’s Commitment to Safety and Security Reinforced with Introduction of Personal Evacuation Kits in all Rooms and Suites –

NEW YORK, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ — The New York Palace Hotel, a renowned landmark luxury property located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, today announced that on September 1st, 2005, all electrical components of the Hotel’s operation will be backed up by a 2,800 kilowatt generator. With the completion of this auxiliary power source — newly christened as the “Safe Haven” Generator — The New York Palace Hotel will be equipped to independently provide 100% capacity electrical power for as many days as needed in the event of an outage. Guests of The Palace will now be assured that air-conditioning, all safety and security systems, elevator service and lighting will remain in full working order throughout the duration of any blackout. Also today, The Palace announced that the development, manufacturing and installation of custom made Personal Evacuation Kits in all guest rooms had been completed in early July.

Immediately following the Blackout of 2003, John L. Segreti, Managing Director of The New York Palace Hotel, spearheaded an initiative to ensure that guests of The Palace would remain both safe and completely comfortable in the event of another power outage. Over the course of the last two years, The Palace has invested more than five million dollars in the design, engineering, construction and installation of the “Safe Haven” Generator. To facilitate the installation, a full city block on the north side of the Hotel had to be shut down on April 17, 2005 while the 81-ton generator was lifted to an 8th floor back roof of the 55-story Hotel by a 650-ton crane. The “Safe Haven” Generator measures in at 131 feet long, 14 feet wide and 15 feet high. The entire power distribution center for the Hotel was completely rebuilt in order to accommodate the potential need for an immediate change in power source.

“The New York Palace Hotel responded to the Northeast Blackout with an unprecedented commitment,” said Mr. Segreti. “The ‘Safe Haven’ Generator is more than just a five million dollar investment that will keep our Hotel operating at full capacity for the duration of any power outage, it is a symbol of The Palace’s devotion and concern for its guests and employees. While our entire staff was commended for performing well beyond the call of duty during the most recent blackout, we are absolutely determined that no person staying with us or working with us here at The Palace should ever have to relive the challenges of August 14, 2003.”

The firm of Southport Associates designed and engineered the generator, which was manufactured by Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison. H&L Electric served as the general contractor. The project was directed from start to finish by Mark Dehnert, Director of Property Operations for The New York Palace Hotel.

“Development of the ‘Safe Haven’ Generator was a massive undertaking that required intense levels of creativity and perseverance,” said Mr. Dehnert. “The ability to independently power a 55 floor building without any compromise to service or comfort is highly unique for a hotel. Traditionally, hospitals, financial institutions and major government buildings have been known to have generators of this strength. Our team at The Palace is extremely grateful to all the partners we have worked with over the last two years to accomplish this.”

The Palace’s commitment to guest safety has been reinforced with the development, manufacturing, and distribution of The New York Palace Personal Evacuation Kit. Installed in all 897 rooms and suites of The Hotel, the kits were designed to assist in the event of an emergency evacuation. The kits include such personal safety tools as two alert whistles, a flashlight, a 12- hour light-stick, two heat-resistant blankets and two heat-resistant emergency escape hoods that come equipped with catalytic filter systems to protect against toxic gases.

“In these unpredictable times, we are committed to protecting our guests from the harsh realities of the world to the best of our ability,” Mr. Segreti concluded. “We are very proud of the fact that the combination of these two developments arms The New York Palace Hotel with an unquestionable point of difference, both in the luxury market and the hotel industry as a whole.”

About The New York Palace Hotel

The ultimate in urban luxury can be found beyond the courtyard gates of The New York Palace Hotel. With 809 rooms and 88 suites, The Palace is known for unparalleled splendor, spectacular views, sumptuous rooms and exquisite service. Located in the heart of Manhattan — across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral and only steps from Rockefeller Center — the world- renowned courtyard incorporates motifs from several 15th-century Italian cathedrals and has served as the entranceway to the historic Villard Mansion since 1882. In the late 19th century, The Mansion was the concept of Henry Villard, a successful railroad entrepreneur, to develop a complex consisting of six individual town houses. Actual construction began on the site May 4th, 1882, with Villard’s own house on the south side of the property, 451 Madison Avenue. Villard’s initial plan was to build and sell the other five houses in the complex. All of the original occupants connected with the houses were linked to Villard through journalism, the abolitionist cause, and the railroads. The Villard Houses are the only New York City town houses built for the railroad barons of the last century to have survived to this day.

Today, The New York Palace Hotel gracefully blends the landmark Villard Mansion with a contemporary 55-story tower that stands at 50th Street & Madison Avenue.

The Towers at The New York Palace, occupying the top 14 floors of the Hotel, serves as a “Palace Within A Palace.” Guests of The Towers Guests enjoy a private reception area, private high-speed elevators and personal Maitre D’Etage butler services. Atop The Towers, on floors 53-55, are four magnificent Art-Deco inspired Triplex Specialty Suites. Averaging 5,000 square feet, the Triplex Suites feature private elevators, double-height ceilings in the living rooms, and panoramic views of the city from spacious private terraces.

Guests can book accommodations online at or contact reservations at 1-800-NY-PALACE (1-800-697-2522).

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