Oregon State Fair Gets Environment Friendly

SALEM, Ore., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ — This year The Oregon State fair has teamed up with two environment friendly groups, West Coast Biodiesel Coop and Agri-Plas Inc. to set a good example for the rest of the State’s regional and county fairs. Oregon is a dynamic and progressive state, which prides itself on its beauty by protecting the environment and finding new ways to improve it. The Oregon State Fair opens its environmentally sound gates on August 25th and runs through September 4th for loads of fun, food and excitement.

During the 11-day run of the Oregon State Fair, patrons will consume 65,400 hamburgers, or the equivalent of 21,800 pounds of ground beef. Additionally, 27,500 potatoes will be made into 38,250 servings of curly fires and covered by 74,000 ounces of ketchup. In order to cook all of these delectable treats, mass amounts of grease will be needed and what to do with it after the vendors are done?

“It’s our responsibility to keep The Oregon State Fairgrounds clean as they represent our state,” Dave Koellermeier, Oregon State Fair manager said. “That is why we felt it necessary to team up with West Coast Biodiesel Coop and Agri-Plas Inc.”

West Coast Biodiesel Coop is providing at least eight pre-agreed locations on the fairgrounds for food concession vendors to dispose of used grease. At each location, signage will be posted that explains The Oregon’s State Fair’s project and direct the public to the Biodiesel processor demonstration area. The demonstration area will educate the public about the processing of grease into Biodiesel helping The Oregon State Fair keep its ground environment friendly.

Agri-Plas Inc. comes to The Oregon State Fair by helping assist them with the recycling of their plastic waste. Plastic from the food court after cleaned by volunteers from the Master Recyclers, FFA, 4-H and other groups will be placed in super sacks, picked up and recycled. Agri-Plas Inc. will also work at the Agriculture show area to offer material about how the public can recycle their plastic items.

The combined effort is part of the Oregon State Fair’s commitment to protecting the environment and educating the public on environmentally friendly options.

About the Oregon State Fair

Started in the late nineteenth century, the State Fair has become an Oregon family tradition. Families come from all over the state to take in great shows, rides, culinary delights, and animal and agricultural exhibits. Fair attendees will be able to see over 26,000 exhibits in livestock, home arts and hobbies, show horses, fine art, photography, professional wine, homebrew beer, small animals, including poultry, rabbits, doves, pigeons and guinea pigs, plus 4-H and FFA animals and events.

For more information call 503-947-3247 or toll free in Oregon, 1-800-833-0011 or visit the Oregon State Fair website at www.oregonstatefair.org .

The Oregon State Fair is a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

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