Two Tickets to Paradise: Getting to Bonaire Just Got Easier

Continental Airlines announces non-stop flights to Bonaire out of Newark Airport, starting December 16, 2006, as travelers look for unique destinations out of the hurricane belt, and Harbour Village is the premier stop.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 15, 2006 — The travel industry has seen a surge in bookings for more unique and exotic destinations in 2006 as travelers look for vacations offering a combination of relaxation and adventure opportunities in less-traveled areas of the globe.

Bonaire, a vacation icon for divers and water sport lovers, yet lesser known to other vacationers, has started to receive more attention in recent years. “Bonaire is a beautiful island that enjoys incredible weather virtually all-year around,” Lai Tsang, 35, New York, explains. “I went there for a diving trip in 2004 and have returned every year since,” Tsang continues.

Continental Airlines recently announced non-stop flights to Bonaire out of Newark, which will add to the allure of the unique island. “Bonaire vacations are already becoming more popular, but Continental offering the non-stop flights from Newark will make it even more popular with vacationers from the northeast looking for great weather and a one-of-a-kind vacation experience,” states Jessica Gonzalez, Harbour Village Beach Club.

Bonaire enjoys ideal weather and water temperature and lies outside the hurricane zone that devastates other resort islands. “It’s nice to go on a vacation and not have to worry about watching the weather report for storms brewing,” Tsang explains. “Coming from New York, I look forward to relaxing vacations and Bonaire is the perfect choice,” Tsang concludes.

As vacationers continue to look for unique destinations, more will discover the hidden jewel of Bonaire and all it has to offer. Continental Airlines’ non-stop flights will have the travel industry buzzing as it will be even easier to enjoy a Bonaire vacation package with non-stop flights and accommodations at Bonaire’s leading hotel, the Harbour Village Beach Club.

About Harbour Village Beach Club
Harbour Village Beach Club, named “Bonaire’s Leading Hotel” by the World Travel Awards 2005, is a luxurious residential resort community and club on the Caribbean island of Bonaire located just off the northeast coast of South America and named the Top Caribbean Dive Destination for four consecutive years (2003 to 2006) by Scuba Diving Magazine’s readers. Harbour Village offers luxurious amenities and countless beach activities such as, diving, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, and sun-bathing for families, couples, and individual travelers. Harbour Village provides more than the typical Caribbean vacation experience — it will give you a lifetime of memories.

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