Pink Beach in Bermuda Reports Hurricane Florence Was No Problem

TUCKER’S TOWN, BERMUDA (09/13/06) – Pink Beach Club in Tucker’s Town, Bermuda, is open for business today after Hurricane Florence blew past the island. The resort experienced no ill effects or major damage from the storm which had been clocked as a Category 1 hurricane.

Michael Williams, CHA, managing director of Pink Beach, said: “We are busy cleaning up a few tree branches and fallen leaves from the hurricane and our job will be completed by tomorrow. We had no loss of power and no damage to any of our buildings.”

The airport is now open and flights have resumed their schedules into and out of Bermuda. Guests who had postponed their vacations at Pink Beach have now re-scheduled and are ready to take advantage of the great weather Bermuda now enjoys.

For reservations or additional information, contact your travel agent or Pink Beach Club’s U.S. office at 800-355-6161 or 203-655-6161. Email is and the web site is

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