Prepare Now For Holiday Travel

Plan for the Unexpected: Severe Weather, Last Minute Emergencies and Troubles on the Road

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Holiday travel is an increasingly popular American trend. In fact, the Travel Industry Association reports that 45% of all leisure travel is taken during the Fall and Winter. Holidays are a great time for get-aways, but travelers should also be aware that weather, crowds and sudden events can make the season unpredictable. “Believe it or not, you can prepare for the unexpected, which is particularly important during a busy holiday travel season,” says Beth Godlin of Access America, a leading provider of travel insurance and assistance. “Holiday trips are important emotional and financial investments. Plus, the season creates inherent uncertainty due to potential crowds and severe weather. If you are planning a trip during the holidays, consider getting travel insurance for bad weather, delays and missed connections, accidents and medical emergencies.”

Travelers should talk to their travel agents about what type of insurance
is best for them. When buying travel insurance, ask about coverage that
protects against:
* Bad weather and natural disasters that prevent traveling
* Traffic accidents before and during your vacation
* Emergency medical & dental coverage
* Delays and missed connections
* Lost or stolen baggage
* Emergency evacuation

What About Refundable Tickets?

Refundable airline tickets are one way to gain flexibility for your trip, but it is usually much more expensive than buying a non-refundable ticket plus travel insurance. Travel insurance costs about 4% to 8% of the trip cost; the amount varies by age and type of policy. “Travel insurance is a safe and economical way to protect your trip,” Godlin says. “It’s significantly less expensive than a non-refundable ticket and you get much more coverage.”

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