Rail Europe Launches New Rail Ticket Online Booking Engine With Live

Inventory of Tickets in Multiple European Countries
WHITE PLAINS, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 06/22/2005 — Now it’s as easy to book a European rail ticket online as it is to book an air ticket. Rail Europe has launched a radically redesigned new point-to-point rail ticket booking engine on its www.raileurope.com web site, offering live inventory of Eurostar and other high-speed and conventional trains running throughout Europe and the U.K.

Unlike a timetable approach previously used by Rail Europe and all other North American distributor sites, the new booking engine shows available trains at available fares, just like airline booking engines. The new system also makes it easy to compare different prices through out any travel day.

“Travelers used to booking airline tickets online will find the look and feel of our new rail booking engine very familiar,” explains Fabrice Morel, President and CEO of the Rail Europe Group. Rail Europe is the largest North American distributor of European railpasses and tickets, in business since the 1930s. “It’s very easy — you just enter the date of travel, departure city, arrival city and the available trains will appear, with the prices of the tickets.

“With our new ‘train tickets’ feature, you don’t need to be a European rail expert. Before, you had to ask for a seat reservation separately,” continues Morel. ” Now the system does all the work for you, adding a reservation automatically when it is needed.”

The new ‘train tickets’ feature also allows users to compare 1st and 2nd class fares side-by-side. “Since the price differential between 1st and 2nd class train travel is much less than with air travel, we find many Americans are paying the slightly higher price and going 1st class, which usually is more spacious and less crowded than 2nd class,” notes Morel.

Confirmation of ticket purchase and seat reservations is immediate, and tickets are shipped directly to users via 2-day delivery.

For those experienced travelers who are railpass fans, the revamped site also allows you to indicate that you have a railpass and just need seat reservations. Railpasses and rail-related products, such as Rail ‘n Drive passes, Paris Visite and other tour products are also bookable on the web site.

Rail Europe offers the most comprehensive selection of European railpasses and products, including railpasses for one, two, three or more countries, as well as point-to-point tickets in 35 countries.

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