New Regulations and Restrictions Making It Tougher to Travel With Luggage

HOUSTON, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Last week’s attempt by terrorists to detonate several airplanes mid-flight using liquid explosives has resulted in swift changes to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. These changes, coupled with new and pending restrictions to be imposed by airlines, are making it more difficult to travel with luggage.

“It is no longer a guarantee that your airline is going to be willing or able to effectively and efficiently transport all the things you want or need with you while on vacation or a business trip,” said Jon Trevelise, CEO, Sports Express.

Sports Express is a premier luggage and sports equipment delivery service that picks up a traveler’s luggage at their home or office and delivers it directly to their destination allowing travelers to fly hands-free and avoid the inherent delays of carrying bags through the airport.

The newest TSA regulations further limit items travelers are permitted to carry onto planes. Prohibited items include all liquids, toiletries such as gels, lotions, and nail polish, and certain food items. Not surprisingly, these changes are taxing airport security and baggage systems as travelers are required to check a larger portion of their luggage, resulting in longer waits at check in, security stations, and baggage claim.

Even before last week’s foiled terror attempt, a record number of travelers since 9/11 had already spurred many airlines to more tightly enforce restrictions on the size and number of carry on bags this summer. Additionally, many airlines will soon impose new weight limits on checked luggage in an effort to combat higher fuel costs. Some carriers will refuse bags over 50 or 70 pounds, while others intend to charge an additional fee for oversized baggage.

Trevelise points out that while Sports Express’ service has generally been considered a luxury, the perception is changing. More travelers are viewing the pre-delivery of luggage as a necessity given the current regulatory changes. He adds that just as travelers move more easily through airports using Sports Express, so will their bags. In fact, bags delivered via Sports Express white-glove service are never opened or disturbed.

Sports Express created the category of white-glove luggage and sports equipment delivery in 1999. As the name suggests, Sports Express service focused initially on the delivery of sports equipment, but the events of 9/11 changed the nature of travel dramatically, and as a result, Sports Express’ service mix changed as well. Now, luggage is one of the most frequently- delivered items via Sports Express, second only to golf bags.

About Sports Express

Sports Express is the premier domestic and international, door-to-door luggage and sports equipment delivery service. Their white-glove service picks up travelers’ bags at their home or office and delivers them directly to their destination. Sports Express is convenient, worry-free, and guaranteed. Sports Express’ high-end service brings pleasure back to travel by ensuring travelers a luggage-free and stress-free experience. Founded in 1999, Sports Express’ expanding service area includes the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain and certain destinations in the Caribbean. Travelers can book Sports Express delivery service online at or by calling 800-357-4174.

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