Ride and Fly Tours Invites You to Write Your Own Motorcycle Diaries

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind., June 15 /PRNewswire/ — Easy riders, pack your bags! Ride and Fly Tours, the inventors of a totally new concept in motorcycle touring, offer customized vacation packages that combine a love for motorcycles with every comfort and amenity in the book. Ride and Fly’s unique and innovative feature is the service of a private jet that shuttles you between locations, enabling their guests to get the most from each day of vacation.

Each tour originates from the city of the customer’s choice, and tours go anywhere in North America. “We can suggest some incredible places to ride and explore,” says John Garwood of Ride and Fly Tours. The tours are personalized according to how much time you have to explore and what part of the country you want to see. Ride and Fly Tours finish each day at the airport where riders board a private jet to be flown to their next day’s departure point. “This means you can ride in Sturgis, S.D., on one day, and in Oregon, the next,” says Garwood. “Your choice of riding locations is limited only by the time you have for your adventure, and your imagination.”

With only 30-day’s notice, Ride and Fly Tours can provide for any amenity or service requested during the tour. The company can accommodate special personal needs, security provisions, or most any amenity or luxury for celebrities and VIPs.

During your tour, Ride and Fly employs guides who live in the locale being explored, giving riders the chance to explore incredible locations, stay and eat at the best hotels, and ride on the best roads. Schedules are tailored to the guest’s preferences. Guests can either ship their motorcycles to their departure point or rent motorcycles from recommended companies.

“North America has so many beautiful, exciting vistas to savor, and traveling by motorcycle is one of the best ways to do that,” says Garwood. “Come to Ride and Fly, and leave your worries behind. You can just relax and enjoy the ride.” For more information, please visit http://www.rideandflytours.com/ or, in the US, call toll free 866-225-6688.

About Ride and Fly Tours:

Ride and Fly Tours offers unique vacation ideas that combine a love for motorcycle riding with a breadth of comfort and amenities. Ride and Fly Tours designs custom tour packages for the most discriminating tastes, and its guides rely on a deep knowledge of their area to provide the most pleasurable holiday experience possible.

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