Safari in Style

Do you wish you could explore the wild outdoors of Africa while still experiencing luxurious comfort? Then you had better book your next trip to Africa with “The Best of Zambia Safari.” On this magnificent tour you will experience twelve days of exploring awe-inspiring destinations, while staying at luxurious and comfortable camps.

The safari will begin at the South Luangwa National Park, which is home to a spectacular variety of wildlife, including elephants, zebras, hippopotamus’ giraffes and of course the mighty lions. The safaris are operated by Norman Carr Safari’s. Norman Carr spent over 50 years devoting himself to the development of the South Luangwa National Park. The guiding team at Norman Carr Safaris is widely regarded to be the most experienced and knowledgeable in Zambia – most of them were trained by Norman himself.

During the first two exciting days you will stay at the one of a kind Kapani Lounge, which is the main lounge of the Norman Carr Safaris. Kapani is an exclusive, private camp situated on the banks of one of the many ox-bow lagoons in the South Luangwa. It accommodates just twenty guests and is open throughout the year. At the Kapani, each of the eight standard suites has its own lounge with bar fridge and the beds have overhead fans inside their walk-in mosquito nets. The camp runs on electricity and offers most modern facilities. It is pleasantly cool in the hot weather and warm and cosy in the cooler months with an open fire.

At the exclusive Kapani you will have the chance to explore the main Mfuwe area of the South Luangwa all in an open vehicle. This area has high concentrations of game which is well acclimatized to the vehicles allowing you to get very close, so watch your fingers!

After this you will move on to visit three of the four Norman Carr Bushcamps, which are situated in a secluded areas of the park. At these camps, most of the game viewing will be on foot accompanied by a trained guide. The camps are close enough together to allow you to walk from one to the other exploring the Luwi river as you move down its course towards the main Luangwa.

The Luwi Bushcamp is a seasonal camp nestled under huge mahogany trees on the banks of a permanent lagoon. You will stay in one of four huts that are made of grass and thatch with polished mud floors. In addition to a largely animal-populated grassy plain, there is a large lagoon adjacent to camp that teems with hippo and crocodile. This permanent water source attracts game from far and wide making the camp area constantly busy with animals.

After five days at the Bushcamps you will depart to the Lower Zambezi National Park, where there is a superb amount of native wildlife. Here, you will stay at either Sausage Tree Camp or Chiawa Camp, both of which offer a standard of service and wildlife experience comparable to that in the Luangwa. Game viewing can either be from open vehicles, by foot or from a boat drifting gently down the Zambezi River.

The last two days will be spent at the Tongabezi Camp near Livingstone. This is a wonderful place to view and explore the Victoria Falls. At the falls you can bungee jump, white water raft, fish, or go on a helicopter tour. Or you can just relax in a place where your own personal valet sees to your every need.

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