Safe Travel Institute Announces ‘Safe Passage’: First DVD Designed to Help Travelers Learn to Reduce Risks in Today’s Volatile World

New First-of-its-Kind Safe Passage Travel Companion Identifies Top Threats and Shows Tourists and Business Travelers How to Travel Smart, Whether the Destination is New York or New Delhi

NEW YORK, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ — The Safe Travel Institute today announced the availability of the Safe Passage Travel Companion(TM), an instructional DVD and resource guide showcasing principles and strategies for safe travel. The first-of-its-kind travel companion comes complete with DVD, resource CD with vital information including emergency contact procedures and key embassy phone numbers, a pocket reference with strategic reminders of safe travel practices, a travel security pouch and a free online membership to the Safe Passage NewsLine for always up-to-date travel security information and resources.

“Today, Americans are more uneasy about traveling than ever before,” said Randy Spivey, director of the Safe Travel Institute. “Currently, there are U.S. State Department Travel Warning Advisories covering 26 countries Americans should avoid… 16 more advisories warn of terrorist activities in the Caribbean, England and Scotland. Added to that is the fact that while Mexico and Brazil are not on either list, they rank high for kidnappings, theft and unsolved crimes. The Safe Travel Institute’s goal is to help consumers and business travelers process this information, learn how to travel safely, and enjoy their travels with a renewed peace of mind. We know that there is danger at some level no matter the destination, but we can help give you the tools to help you be more prepared to handle yourself in business or pleasure travels.”

The Safe Travel Institute recognizes the need for material to help travelers of all kinds easily get the information they need to travel smart and has created Safe Passage Travel Companion the first instructional DVD to address personal travel safety. The Safe Passage Travel Companion covers topics such as:

— Researching destinations
— Choosing the safest hotel rooms
— Choosing the safest seats on an airline
— How to make yourself an unattractive target to a thief or terrorist
— How to tell if you are being watched or followed
— How to dress when traveling
— Tips on how to identify the first sign of trouble
— Avoiding predictable habits and travel patterns
— Common mistakes people make when traveling

The Safe Travel Institute is located in Spokane, Washington and operates one of America’s top travel safety and personal security training and education programs. It is led by director Randy Spivey and deputy director Jim Sporleder, both are former supervisors of U.S. military training for hostage avoidance and survival from 1997-2002. The Safe Travel Institute staff has traveled extensively to locations throughout the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia and the Americas.

The Safe Passage Travel Companion is now available for purchase for $59.95 via the Safe Travel Institute web site at or

About Safe Travel Institute:

The Safe Travel Institute is dedicated to teaching travelers to avoid the growing risks associated with domestic and international travel through accessing travel warnings, learning about foreign cultures and recognizing signs of trouble. Safe Travel Institute is led by former U.S. Department of Defense supervisors and instructors, responsible for much of the military’s current teaching and training on acclimation to foreign cultures, and hostage situations. Members of the Safe Travel Institute team have de-briefed many of America’s most recognizable hostages during the last 20 years, incorporating key findings into Safe Passage. Director Randy Spivey is a recognized leader in travel safety issues; in demand as a speaker and also appearing regularly in dozens of national and local media outlets. The Safe Travel Institute ( and the National Hostage Survival Training Center ( are both located in Spokane, WA.

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