Vance Issues Top Ten Air Travel Safety and Security Tips for Overseas Travelers

WASHINGTON, June 16 /PRNewswire/ — Vance, a global investigation and security firm, today released the top ten safety tips for U.S.-based travelers flying abroad. Events such as the bombing of a U.S. embassy and increasing incidents of kidnappings and assaults demonstrate just how vulnerable business travelers are, especially when working overseas. While it is impossible to completely guarantee safety in every situation, there are many steps that an individual can take to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of random violence or terrorism. Staying alert and being aware of your surroundings are the first steps to reduce risk.

1. Be informed about the country that you plan to visit.
Prior to your trip, be aware of the customs, holidays, politics,
climate and currency.

2. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months.
Make copies of your passport and keep them in separate pieces of
luggage along with passport photos. If your passport is lost or
stolen, it will be much easier to get the embassy to replace it if
you have these duplicates.

3. Know the entry restrictions of the country you are visiting.
For example, in some countries, you cannot bring a laptop computer. In
others, you can bring a laptop computer into the country but you
can’t take it out. If you are required to take prescription drugs,
have a doctor write you a prescription to take with you as well as a
letter describing your condition and need for the drugs.

4. Be aware of the medical facilities available to you in the destination
country and their required means of payment.
Be aware of the medical problems in the country to be visited and
obtain all suggested vaccinations prior to leaving. Most countries do
not accept American medical insurance.

5. Take an active part in making your flight arrangements and travel on
established, reliable airlines.
If possible, schedule only direct flights and stay away from high-risk
airports. Should you have to schedule a layover, be aware of what
time you arrive and the amount of time between flights. Many foreign
airports have poor security during very early morning hours. For in-
country travel or travel between ports in Europe, use a reliable
international carrier because some of the potentially unreliable
airlines don’t have the same maintenance policies and tend to travel
to second or third tier airports that put a traveler in places where
language or security may be an issue.

6. When arriving at the airport, pick up your tickets and quickly move
from the public areas to the secure section located beyond the metal
detectors and X-ray machines.
Move away from areas where there are unattended packages or luggage.
Be aware of what is going on around you and who may be paying
attention to you.

7. Do not wear any clothing or other items with corporate logos or other
insignias on them that identify you as an American.
This includes luggage and luggage tags that can be exposed so that
your name or company name can be readily seen. A good rule of thumb
concerning jewelry is to leave behind anything that you would not
want to lose.

8. Be aware of the various airport scams, some of which occur at the
entrance to the secure area.
Targets include laptop computers, purses and expensive briefcases. In
one common scenario, the traveler’s attention is distracted when they
place belongings on the conveyor of the X-ray machine and an
accomplice takes them.

9. Baggage claim is an area where criminals can target their victims.
Criminals are looking for people who appear to be wealthy, such as
those wearing expensive jewelry or clothes or those who have
expensive luggage. Do not wear logos designating major corporations
or American universities.

10. Prior to leaving for your trip contact your local office, if you have
one in your destination city, and determine which taxi companies are
reputable or what other means of transportation is available.
Many foreign airports have licensed and unlicensed taxicabs. Make sure
you have some idea of the route from the airport to the hotel or
office to which you are going, and that you negotiate the rate before
you leave the airport.

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