Go San Francisco(TM) Card Increases to Nearly 50 San Francisco Tours and Attractions

SAN FRANCISCO, June 22 /PRNewswire/ — Reflecting the growth in both family travel and wine-themed vacations, visitors drawn to San Francisco and the Bay Area will enjoy even more of the city’s and region’s top attractions and hidden gems at one great low price, thanks to the new edition of the Go San Francisco(TM) card. While the all-inclusive smart card attraction pass now includes free entry to nearly 50 attractions, plus discounts on additional tours, shows and events, and other services.

Visitors can purchase the Go San Francisco Card online at www.GoSanFranciscoCard.com or through any of Smart Destinations’ global distribution partners.

The list of new San Francisco attractions include: the prestigious San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Legion of Honor; California Academy of Sciences — Steinhart Aquarium; Six Flags Marine World; Bay Area Discovery Museum; Super Sightseeing Tour’s full-day Wine Country tour and Monterey and Carmel tour; Bay City Bike Rentals; San Francisco walking tours, and a host of attractions in Napa and Sonoma Valleys including Franciscan, Goosecross, Ravenswood and Simi wineries.

“The Go San Francisco Card simplifies the destination experience for travelers, giving them flexibility, choice, convenience and ease within one low price for maximum value,” said Cecilia Dahl, president of Smart Destinations, the product’s parent company. “It’s an exciting way for the area to present itself as we market the product to travelers from across the country and around the globe.”

About Smart Destinations

Smart Destinations is the premier provider of unlimited admission attraction passes in major U.S. travel destinations. Smart Destinations’ Go Cards offer simplified access to dozens of attractions to individuals, couples and families, for one fixed “per day” price. The Go Guidebook is ready-to-travel and includes fun facts about a destination, access details, and important local numbers. Distributed through major travel services in 25 countries as well as on the Web, Smart Destinations’ Go Cards are the industry’s “trusted companion” for the best a city has to offer at an unbeatable price point. For more information on program participation, the company and its cards, visit www.GoCardUSA.com or call 617-742-5950.

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