How to Save Big Bucks on Disney World Souvenir Shopping

Former Disney World cast member shares insider secrets on how to save on Disney souvenirs and provides other Disney World vacation and shopping tips.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 18, 2006 — A new Disney World Savings Guide is showing families how to save on all their Disney Vacation souvenirs and even character clothing using little-known tips and easily-applied strategies.

Would you like to save up to 90% off the retail pricing of many of your favorite Disney World character souvenirs? Or even up to 75% off an entire vacation shopping experience?

Says author of the “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” Beth Haworth, “give your child total control and save!” A scary proposition under any circumstances, but Haworth insists that it works every time.

Applying just this one shopping strategy with every child in your family, not only is a more ejoyable vacation for everyone guaranteed(no whining or fussing allowed), but the kids feel totally grown up and in control of their own purchases. They learn good, life-long money habits and you have less stress.

Haworth also says, “know your priorities.” Posh lodging, great food and big souvenir bargains can be yours with a few good tips and strategies. Of course you also have to have some very good insider information… and that’s where she comes in. In the “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” Beth shows you souvenir shopping strategies like:

* Save 30-90% off the retail prices of many Disney Souvenirs and clothing
* Save 20-75% off the retail prices of other Disney products and;
* Which souvenirs to get at the park and which to purchase off site or even online.

The “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” provides a list of all the best Disney merchandise discount stores including:

* the directions
* store hours and
* which types of souvenirs to purchase at each outlet

It also provides online links to discount merchandise that can be purchased before a vacation even starts. Haworth recommends shoping downtown and promises savings of 10-75% off theme park prices.

In addition, the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide reveals which discount or outlets to avoid, what products or merchandise is over valued and which will often retain its value long after your trip is just part of your childhood memories.

Haworth also explains how to get involved in the Disney Pin Trading craze, and what to do if you get home and decide that you really should have purchased an item in one of the stores but didn’t!

A former Disney cast member for many years, there is very little that Haworth doesn’t know about Disney and she’s very excited to be sharing this information with others.

“One of my favorite past times while a cast member at Disney was seeing the joy on the faces of children and parents alike as they walked through and experienced the Wonderful World of Disney” says Haworth. “As the costs of vacationing with your family continues to rise I don’t want to see families lose or even postpone their opportunites to share this magical land together.” Everyone should be able to have a Disney World vacation and with a little ‘help from your friends on the inside’… it’s possible!

Haworth’s Disney Savings Guide is updated every month so the latest savings strategies are always available. For more about Beth Haworth or her Disney World Savings Guide please visit her Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide web site.

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