Seoul, South Korea and Vicinity Are Alive with Stellar Fall Festival Lineup

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 28, 2005 -– K2 Global Communications, a full service public relations firm specializing in combining Tourism and Economic Development for countries in the US Market, periodically issues information on favorite destinations that offer unique and exciting travel opportunities.

“Gaining in popularity among the US travel market, the great mystery and beauty of Korea: Her Land, People, and Culture is waiting for exploration,” said Gregory M. Kelly of K2 Global Communications. “Korea is a must do for the people traveling this fall. Korea’s festivals are a great way of experiencing Korea’s ancient, modern, and fusion culture and her people’s world renowned Culinary Arts and Hospitality.”

Jarasum International Jazz Festival 2005: Lose yourself to the rhythm of Jazz

The Festival is where jazz lovers get together to enjoy harmony between nature and music, music and peace. Performers and professionals from Korea and abroad come ashore to play their favorite music late into the night. Some 30 teams are scheduled to take part this year. The Festival offers jazz in an outdoor stage, freeing the music from the confines of a concert hall and closer to the beauty of nature.

Anseong Baudeogi Festival: Enjoy the thrill of tight rope acrobatics

The event is an exact revival of Namsadang performances from 100 years ago. The key phrase is “coming together”; the audience becomes a direct part of the performance as they share laughter and thrills with the performers. The most popular program is tightrope walking. The circus on a thin long line hanging high up in the air dares the viewers to look away? or to even blink. Namsadang peasants’ music, outdoor theatre (madangnori), and tug-of-war are also part of the richly-laden programs.

Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival: Travel back in time to Joseon

In October, Suwon brims with excitement and energy as festivals and events unfold in various corners of the city. But the biggest and the most spectacular is the Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival. Suwon’s pride, the Hwaseong Fortress is a World Cultural Heritage built during Joseon Dynasty by the 22nd King Jeongjo in memory of his father. The Festival is held every October to remember the historic legacy of the Fortress, born of Jeongjo’s filial piety and principles of reform.

Sanjeong Lake/Mt. Myeongseongsan Eulalia Festival: Beautiful encounter between nature and humans

Straddling Gyeonggi Province and Gangwon Province, Mt. Myeongseongsan (922.6m) is widely beloved for its autumn eulalia. Legend has it that when Goong Ye, who established the kingdom of Taebongguk, shed tears upon the fall of his newfound kingdom, Mt. Myeongsan cried with him. The Sanjeong Lake snugly sitting under the mountain makes the hiking all the more memorable. It is not clear since when, but the breathtaking sight of eulalia became widely known, and autumn ushers in throngs of hikers to the mountain.

Silhak Festival 2005: No more meaningless formalities!

Dasan, whose real name is Jeong Yak-yong, was the preeminent practical scientist of his time who invented the lifting machine that was later used to build the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. You can see the logic behind the machine at this Festival, as well as an exhibition of works by other practical scientists ranging from Lee Ik’s letters, Kim Jeong-hee’s calligraphy and Dasan’s publications. Also, you would not want to miss the faithful reenactment of the Nakseongyeon ceremony held in the late 18th century to mark the completion of the Fortress.

Pucheon International Student Animation Festival: See the trends of world animation

The festival is expected to play a pivotal role in laying the foundation for a vibrant animation industry in the 21st century. It stimulates creativity out of college students and provides workshops where they can get access to different production methods and new techniques. The students also get a chance to interact with like-minded friends from other parts of the world as PISAF, as an international event, invites participation by students from other countries.

All festival information was taken from the official website of the Korea National Tourism Organization located in Seoul, South Korea with Americas Division offices located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and New York. Please visit their official website at for complete Seoul Vicinity Fall Festival and travel to Korea information (All photos courtesy of The Korea National Tourism Organization).

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