Offers Tips and Advice to Make Booking Airfare A Breeze

Site Helps Consumers With ‘Ten Things You Should Know Before You Book Airfare’

BOSTON, March 28 /PRNewswire/ —, a comprehensive online travel resource, recently released a report noting the ten most important things travelers should know before purchasing an airline ticket. While many travelers feel they may know how to find the best airfares, the report, written by Jessica Labrencis, provides a number of tips, including information that consumers may not be aware of, that can help people make more informed travel decisions.

“Before the Internet, options for booking airline tickets were limited — you either called the airline and they gave you options, or you worked with a travel agent. In either case, you had to rely on someone else to find the best airfare,” said Jessica Labrencis, associate editor, “Now, people have a whole range of options, and booking tickets can be a confusing and somewhat daunting task. SmarterTravel aims to make this process easier for travelers by giving them insight into tips and tricks to finding the best airfare.”

SmarterTravel’s report, “Ten Things You Should Know Before You Book Airfare,” gives travelers an update on a variety of considerations before purchasing a ticket. The ten tips are:

— Peak Versus Off-Peak Versus Value Season. Consider the time of year
and the destination before you book travel — the summer is peak
season for Europe, whereas travelers can save by heading to the
Caribbean during the summer months.
— Compare Fares. Many travelers are Internet savvy and will review
different sites for the best price, and SmarterTravel notes a variety
of new sites to check to get the best deal.
— Low-Fare Carriers. Some of the low-cost carriers, like JetBlue
Airways and Southwest Airlines, do not post their fares on online
travel agencies, so keep those in consideration when searching for
— Know When to Book. SmarterTravel recommends keeping an eye out for
airline sales — if one airline announces a sale, its competitors
usually follow suit and travelers can snap up a great deal.
— Sign Up for Alerts. Many sites now offer fare tracking; SmarterTravel
notes this as a great way to keep on top of the best deals for
specific destinations.
— Avoid Fees. Make sure to consider the fees for booking tickets on
online travel agents — sometimes these fares are lower than on the
airlines site, sometimes they are not.
— Fly Midweek. In most cases, traveling Monday through Thursday can
save on flight costs.
— Last-Minute Fares. For travelers who have the flexibility to fly
spur-of-the-moment or can wait and see if prices drop, last-minute
fares can save a bundle.
— Use Discounts. Senior and student travelers may be eligible to save
significantly on flights from major travel providers.
— Stay Informed. Travelers can now find information on all aspects of
their trip, even down to the best seat on the plane.

“As consumers are now booking their own travel and having to navigate the Web to find the best deals, we want to make sure they have all the information and advice necessary to find the fares and flights that meet their needs,” said Anne Banas, executive editor,

The complete report, “Ten Things You Should Know Before You Book Airfare,” by SmarterTravel is available at .

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