Veteran Owners of Vacation Rentals Establish New Organization to List Properties Whose Owners Commit to Standards of Excellence

New website is established to provide renters with a variety of vacation rental choices that meet high quality standards and to assist property owners in meeting the highest standards of guest satisfaction.

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) December 7, 2005 -– One of the biggest problems facing guests looking for vacation rental lodging is determining if the lodging will live up to their expectations as to cleanliness and amenities. The owners of VRO, Vacation Rental Organization, have come up with a way to address this problem. They have established a website directory and self-help organization for property owners who commit to meeting certain vacation rental standards of excellence. VRO verifies that its quality standards are met by guest feedback. Guests are provided with an on-line form to complain to VRO if the property does not meet these standards. If there is a pattern of complaints against a property, it is deleted from the directory.

One of the key features of the site is a monthly newsletter that provides the vacation rental owners with a regular flow of advice on how to upgrade their properties so as to achieve greater guest satisfaction and higher levels of occupancy. This feature, which is available to members only, has a host of tips on how to provide better service to guests while containing costs as much as possible. This information is based on over ten years’ experience of the VRO owners in running their own vacation rental development in Asheville, NC. Sandy McLeod, the Operator of this development, said, “We at VRO want to share our experience with the community of vacation rental owners who are committed to meeting the highest standards. A well-run vacation rental property is the best value for vacationers as well as a profitable business for its owners.”

Another feature of Vacation Rental Organization is a continuous update of new developments in the vacation industry. The VRO team constantly studies the latest developments in the travel and vacation industry and summarizes them for their members. VRO’s objective is to have their members view their business in terms of the overall travel and accommodations industry. Many of the features of first class hotels come to be expected of first class and luxury vacation rentals. Therefore, VRO keeps its members abreast of the latest trends and developments in the hotel industry, as well as lessons that can be learned from the Bed & Breakfast industry. The VRO team feels that only by keeping abreast of the latest developments in the travel industry can vacation rental owners be successful in an ever more competitive vacation lodging industry. To achieve success vacation rental owners must strive to constantly meet and exceed guest expectations. Only by staying fully informed of the travel industry can owners provide guests with what they want.

VRO maintains an extensive database of top rated US, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean Vacation Rentals. is an exclusive organization which only accepts listings whose property owners commit to maintain a standard of excellence as a condition to being listed. It is also the Web’s only vacation rental directory owned and operated by experienced and actively engaged vacation rental property owners who share their experience with members.

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