Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT) creates customized quarterly travel excursion for women. This press release announces this year’s line-up of trips.

Greenwich, CT (PRWEB) April 5, 2006 — Come on girls! Celebrate life and awaken the adventurous spirit within you with a customized, guided travel experience from Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT) now in its 10th year.

Since 1996, STAT has been providing small groups of women with exotic and fulfilling journeys that take them to far off places both in body and mind. Experience expeditions such as caving in Belize, mountain climbing in Montana, biking in Costa Rica, helicopter tours through Alaska and traveling through Venezuelan waters in dugout canoes.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, STAT has become a leader in its field. Providing four annual eco-centric adventures- one for each season, a STAT itinerary promotes personal growth through challenge and the willingness to take risks all in a safe and supportive environment. The trips are not only designed to foster bonds between women through a mutual STAT trip but to help women realize their full potential and empower them to take that experience into their entire life. From hiking mountains, canoeing through marshes and horseback riding in the surf, to sunrise meditation and moonlit massages, nature and life will be experienced in a completely new way.

Having escorted more than 40 of these female empowered tours, Erin knows what women are seeking spiritually and in their travels. Her itineraries are based on research and come from spending decades truly listening to what women want.

What they are saying:

“My career has taken me to some of the most exotic locations around the globe, yet some of the most wonderful adventures I’ve had were on my STAT expeditions. Erin is a wonderful leader who creates the perfect atmosphere for a journey of discovery. I find that the adventures are a fabulous retreat for my body, mind and spirit. I always return home calm and grounded and look forward to doing it again.” – Cheryl Tiegs, supermodel

Throughout 2006, women are invited to take a break from their frenetic surroundings and recharge with STAT. The following journeys include accommodations, meals, activities, private escort, local guide, ground transportation, taxes and gratuities and are limited to no more than 10 persons per trip. Air transportation is not included.

Spring in Argentina (April 24 – May 1): Join our group in Argentina and journey to the hiking mecca of Patagonia to experience first-hand two of the world’s natural wonders beginning with the Perito Moreno Glacier where the sights and sounds of ice breaking free from the glacier will astound. Continue on to hike the tallest peak, Mt. Fitz Roy; climb the needle-like spike called Cerro Torre – one of the world’s most fabled wall climbs; horseback ride past the Cerro Torre along the Rio Fitz Valley and tango dance until the early hours of the morning. $3,500 per person.

Summer in Alaska (July 13 – 20): Come and experience Alaska at its best. This trip will venture to Alaska’s Wrangell – St. Elias National Park, the largest roadless area in the United States as well as the largest American National Park (six times the size of Yellowstone) and biggest protected ecosystem on the planet. This famed national park is home to nine of North America’s 16 highest peaks with St. Elias’ 18,000-feet being the most impressive. Your sights and senses will be expanded with grand views of majestic mountain ranges, towering glaciers, roaring rivers and countless wildlife right before your eyes. This Alaskan journey will combine both hiking and helicopter tours of the area and will be topped off with some of the freshest cuisine and locally caught fish to make for a memorable experience. $3,500 per person.

Fall in Mexico (October 11 – 17): For the first time, STAT will expand their audience to include couples that wish to partake in an adventure together. Couples will have the opportunity to journey deep into Mexico’s Sierra Mountains and explore Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre) and its impenetrable maze of five canyons surrounded by some of Central America’s most mystical mountains. Tarahumara Indian guides will lead the group hike into this canyon which is both larger in depth and more magnificent than the Grand Canyon where many small villages, abandoned Indian caves and secret waterfalls will be seen along the way. For those ready for a challenge, their will be an opportunity to mountain bike down to the remote tropical village of Bataplias. Evenings will be highlighted with bonfires, margaritas and engaging conversations about the days’ events. $2,500 per person. This trip is limited to five couples.

For those whose schedule doesn’t allow for the seasonal trips or even if traveling alone amongst strangers is not what they had in mind, STAT offers personalized group adventures that are customized to fit the individual group’s desires. Whether it’s family, friends or even co-workers these trips have always greatly exceeded the expectations.

Many women join these trips to unwind, form new friendships, push themselves to new limits and sometimes escape a busy lifestyle. “When women gather, magic happens,” explains Ms. Leider-Pariser. “A non-competitive and support driven adventure with all women affords them the opportunity to be themselves and find themselves.”
No matter what the season is or where the adventure takes place, one thing is for certain – STAT will create lasting memories and a healthy addiction for placing oneself as first priority.

For further information on STAT and its itineraries or to make reservations, please visit www.STATTRIP.com, call 203-618-0854

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