Summer Travel to be Curtailed by 43.5% of Americans as 71.3% Say High Gas Prices Impacting Quality of Life

FAIRFIELD, Conn., May 5 /PRNewswire/ — According to a national poll conducted by Sacred Heart University, 71.3% nationwide said that higher gas prices are very seriously or somewhat impacting their quality of life. Another 28.3% suggested the higher prices were not impacting their quality of life.

And, while 50.5% of those surveyed say their summer travel plans will not be slowed as a result of increased gas prices, 43.5% said they will. Some, 6.0, were unsure.

“It is not surprising that Americans are making adjustments in their lifestyle, as they realize that the increase in gas prices is not a temporary spike but is likely to be with us for some time as the worldwide demand for oil continues to increase faster than the supply,” stated Sacred Heart University professor and economics expert John Gerlach.

According to the poll, a majority of Americans with an opinion, 51.2%, suggest their next car will be smaller and more gas efficient than their existing car. Another 48.8% reported their next car will not be smaller or more gas efficient.

“The impact on the types of cars Americans buy was reflected in the sales of vehicles in the US in March when there was a significant downturn in the number of large SUVs purchased. If the higher gas prices persist for another six months, as I expect they will, it is logical to infer that the numbers of Americans who make adjustments in the types of vehicles they buy will be even greater than shown in this poll,” Gerlach continued.


John Gerlach, associate professor in the Economics and Finance Department of Sacred Heart Univerisity’s College of Business. Mr. Gerlach has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate executive and service on 15 Boards of Directors.

Jerry Lindsley, director, Sacred Heart University Polling Institute

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How the Poll Was Conducted

The Sacred Heart University Polling Institute completed 1,000 interviews with residents nationwide. All phone interviews were conducted between April 20-28, 2005. The sample was generated proportional to population contribution in all fifty states. Statistically, a sample of 1,000 completed telephone interviews represents a margin for error of +/-3.0% at a 95% confidence level. Margins for error grow as subgroups of the sample are viewed separately.

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