Tips about Wine When Traveling to the Caribbean

In this couples years of being in the Caribbean, they learned a lot about wine in warmer climes. Here are some words of wisdom…

1. Red wines, especially full-bodied wines, do not “travel” well in the tropics. Best not to be disappointed.

2. Lighter reds are a better choice. A Beaujolais or equivalent will probably be acceptable.

3. The Caribbean French impressed on us that “important” reds are best drunk in Paris.

4. Red wine is meant to be drunk at cellar temperature. 85 degrees, which is the ambient temperature many times, is clearly not cellar temperature.

5. The Caribbean French noted that they keep their reds on their side in the fridge.

6. Don’t be shy. Ask the waiter to either bring whatever wine you choose chilled or bring it in an ice bucket. It will get warm fast enough.

7. Most white or blush wines are fairly safe bets.

8. If you are really finicky about wine, get over it. You might prefer a cold beer on a hot day.

Roger and Mala Burt ran a travel business focused on the Caribbean for many years. Their first romantic mystery, A Dream Across Time, has just been published and is set in the Caribbean.

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