Party Impresario and Acclaimed Actor Announces New York City’s Grandest Swedish Midsummer’s Eve Yet

From Barcelona to Conan O’Brien and Jack Nicholson, Puck Building Toshi Is Quite Busy These Days
NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 06/08/2005 — Theme parties are no longer cool. The subjects are always banal and costumes are so mid-’90s. But, what if the theme party scored the biggest comeback in modern music: Abba? Oh, well, that’s not going to happen this year…the billion-dollar guarantee fell slightly flat. However, the theme party that will take place on Friday, June 24, between 9 p.m. – 3 a.m. will be the most fashionably hip-titious Swedish Midsummer’s Eve extravaganza celebrating the longest day of the year: the summer solstice.

Actor and grandiose event planner, Toshi, is known for his frequent roles on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and the theme parties that he throws four to five times a year at NYC’s legendary Puck Building, but when this year’s Swedish party occurs, Toshi will have also filmed with greatness. Production and filming of the upcoming Martin Scorsese-directed film “The Departed” has been ongoing in areas of New York City for the past couple months. The Jennifer Aniston / Brad Pitt-produced gangster and cop film centers around Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson about moles that infiltrate the police department and Boston gangs. Toshi plays the Chinese triad boss who confronts Jack Nicholson about a deal gone bad and gets to do what most will never have an opportunity to do: Scream at Jack on camera!

For the past 7 years, Toshi has been throwing major parties around NYC with one objective: give people an opportunity to let out some steam with an open bar and cheap admission. The parties have included: OcToshiFest, The Wigstock Wig Party, The Gatsby Party and The Tacky Prom Party. He refers to his concept as “Costco meets Tiffany: High-end products and services at discount prices.” Because of his international sponsors, Toshi is able to produce breath-taking NYC events that cannot be topped at the price he charges. Toshi will tell you that he loves the challenge. “I love taking big international events and throwing parties to celebrate them. That’s what we did with Brazilian Carnaval. Only Scandinavians knew about the Swedish Mid-Summer Festival before we did something in New York. Now, people literally come from all around the world to celebrate parties with us. It’s like the old Studio 54.”

These lavish parties (New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Brazilian Carnaval and Swedish) have creative and well-developed themes that get more intricate each time bringing in between 4,000 – 7,500 people of all ages, ethnicities, races and creeds to SoHo’s Puck Building (295 Lafayette Street & Houston Street).

The Swedish party features an unlimited top shelf open bar, Swedish delicacies and specialties (including the Swedish Bikini Team and Swedish pop sensation Anna Sahlene), as well as several DJs. The party’s major sponsor is Boru Vodka. Other sponsors include Crunch Gym, Swedish Match, Red Bull, Mumm’s Champagne, Goslings Sipping Rum, Clontarf Irish Whiskey, Stella Artois, Batuque Cachaca, Pallini Limoncello and Brady’s Irish Cream. Entrance fees range from $10 – $80 (pre-purchased tickets with a student ID to the Penthouse VIP).

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