Explore Your Choices of Travel Books to Help Book Your Vacation!

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y., July 12 /PRNewswire/ — Those planning to book a vacation trip have countless books all designed to help you make the right decision.

Picking the right ones can be, well, a real trip.
So what to choose?

“While the signs show that Americans plan to venture out this summer with a less apprehensive attitude than they’ve had since 9-11, many still have not selected where they are going or how they’re getting there,” says Marc Jennings, President, Langenscheidt Publishing. “And not only are the choices in destination and mode of travel seemingly endless, so is the variety of books and resources available to them.”

While it seems difficult to navigate the selection of travel tomes without, say, a guide to the travel guides, Mr. Jennings helps travelers cut to the chase with a rundown on the kinds of resources that are available. This comes naturally, since Langenscheidt is the world’s largest travel book publisher representing many brands, and 3,000 titles of every conceivable type of travel resource.

Notes Jennings, “Discerning travelers do better spending time nose-to-the- grindstone, or nose in a book, to help make choices.”

Here are the kinds of resources to use for your travel research:

U.S. ROAD ATLASES. Once you’ve mapped your trip in advance, these keep you on target. American Map’s U.S. Road Atlas gives mileage between cities, as do Hammond’s International Europe City Atlas and World Travel Atlas.

TRAVEL GUIDES. There are travel guides of many sizes and shapes, and in many price points. If you want a comprehensive understanding of places you might visit, try a full-size travel guide (like Insight Guides – they give the sights, the culture and the insights of a specific country or large city).

POCKET-SIZED TRAVEL GUIDES. Smaller guides have fewer pictures, but many highlights. Insight’s series provides walking tours by local experts for people with limited time. Another guide that fits in your pocket book is one of the 119 titles from Berlitz Pocket Guide series, known as the most popular worldwide series.

SPECIAL-INTEREST GUIDES, FOR CITIES, COUNTRIES, SPECIFIC INTERESTS. Many series address specific interests – food, museums, age groups, adventure. Insight Guides recently launched its City Guides series with all of the phone numbers, advance hotel, attraction and restaurant planning you need.

MAPS. There are large paper maps and minuscule maps. The bookstore has ‘em all – take a look. Laminated Slicker Maps are so hip that you can write on them, and then erase one trip and plot out another.

MAPQUEST CITYMAPS. A whole new category, these fit in the palm of your hand. They have captivating folds that propel them open, and then close to wallet size. The power is in the information: maps, tourist information, city highlights and more. 22 cities available.

Any or all of the above are eminently helpful and useful. Roam the shelves and go on your own personal “book tour” this summer.

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