Travelers Advantage(R) Holiday Hints: Top Gadgets For The Travelers On Your List

NORWALK, Conn., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Santa isn’t the only one who will travel in style this holiday season — the crafty elves at Travelers Advantage have created a list of top holiday travel gadgets for the world traveler that would turn even St. Nick himself red with envy.

With holiday travel expected to be at its highest level in years — a recent American Express Travel survey showed one in four Americans plan to take a leisure trip before the end of the year — Travelers Advantage has cobbled together helpful gift hints for the jet-setter in your life.

“You can fill the stockings with a variety of exciting gadgets that will ensure that the traveler on your list rides in comfort and arrives in style in the New Year,” said Julia Ryan, vice president of Travelers Advantage and “What better way to surprise your adventurer this holiday season?”

Here’s the Top 10 holiday travel gadgets from the Travelers Advantage workshop:

1. Global Positioning Devices (GPS)/Electronic Maps — handheld GPS
devices are sleek, compact, lightweight and sometimes even waterproof.
It always knows where you are, even if you don’t — great backup for
Santa and Rudolf, and is sure to light up your holidays, too. Leading
GPS technology uses satellite signals to tell you exactly where you
are and even how fast you’re going. Many contain detailed street maps
and allow you to download more maps, driving directions, restaurants
and popular destinations.
2. Digital Travel Alarm Clocks — These go-anywhere units will keep you
on-time while you are on-the-go. Many fold flat and have alarms, and
some even boast flashlights and link through radio waves to the Atomic
Clock Station, keeping accurate time through time zones and across
countries — the perfect travel companion from the North Pole to your
home and all points in between.
3. MP3 Players & iPods — I pod, you pod, we all scream for iPods…
Take your tunes or your entire music collection on the road with you
with one of the most popular music devices since the Walkman and juke
box. The iPod and other MP3 players weigh less than two CDs and can
fit easily in your pocket, belt or bag. With iPods and other MP3
players, you can get in the groove while flying, riding, lounging or
spreading holiday cheer.
4. Portable DVD players — Portable DVD players are small, lightweight
and the size of a thin hardback book — making them ideal for planes,
trains and automobiles. These are great for families — not to
mention the Jolly Old Elf — and keep the kids entertained during long
5. Buckey Pillows, Travel Pillows & Travel Massagers — For those long
flights, sleep tight with sugarplum visions on a U-shaped Buckey
pillow (filled with buckwheat hulls & sporting washable fabric) or
other U-shaped pillows to arrive refreshed — or even grab a travel

massager that delivers miles of smiles, and cures even the worst case
of “airplane neck.”
6. Digital Cameras — Capture your memories in style or relive them as
you go with a digital camera. They are compact, convenient and
produce high quality pictures.
7. Bottled Water, Gourmet Snacks, Food, Etc. — Since many low-cost
airlines offer limited food service, pick up bottled water, gourmet
snacks or a quick take-out meal to keep you energized on your trip.
New gadgets tailored specifically to travel — such as nylon lunch
sacks or waist packs — allow you to keep food and beverages warm or
cold for hours.
8. Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) — PDAs go hand-in-hand with GPS
devices — you can store maps, directions, popular destinations, etc.
They also keep you organized with your electronic calendar, to-do
lists and e-mail, and even entertained with fun games.
9. Mobile/Cell Phones — Reach out and touch someone from the remote
reaches of the world. Mobile phones have become a way of life with
most, and they’re invaluable on your trip.
10. Laptop Computers — Long a staple for the business-travel set, laptops
can be your virtual concierge — with most hotels offering Internet
connectivity that will allow you to make restaurant reservations,
review shows and check-out dynamic destinations. Many cities and
establishments also offer wireless connectivity, a major plus for the
nimble traveler.

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