When Traveling, Your Card Offers More than Just Credit

Knowing About the Benefits of Credit Cards Can Save Time and Money

WASHINGTON, July 28 /PRNewswire/ — This summer, consumers will rely on their credit cards to book vacations and make purchases while traveling. Your Credit Card Companies wants consumers to know that in addition to convenience, many credit cards offer other benefits that may save them time and money.

Among the biggest benefit to using credit cards while traveling — or at any other time — is that they offer the safest way to make transactions. If a credit card is lost or stolen, consumers can get a new one, usually within 24 hours. And if unauthorized charges are made, cardholders won’t be held responsible — all members of Your Credit Card Companies have this “zero liability” policy.

There are some other key advantages credit cards have over other forms of payment:

* Auto Rental Insurance — When used to rent a car, many credit cards
provide free collision and theft insurance. This benefit provides
secondary coverage to an existing car insurance policy. However, it
also does not cover injuries or damage to someone else’s vehicle. This
benefit could save consumers approximately $20 a day compared to paying
the rental car company for the same coverage.

* Travel Accident Insurance — When buying plane, bus or rail tickets
using a credit card, consumers may receive free common carrier travel
accident insurance of up to $1 million. This insurance usually covers
the cardholder, his or her spouse, and eligible dependent children for
sickness or injuries while traveling.

* Travel and Emergency Assistance — Credit card companies may offer a
variety of assistance programs for customers traveling both in the
United States and abroad. These programs provide help with medical and
legal referrals, lost luggage, emergency transportation, emergency cash
replacement, and passport and translation services.

* Roadside Assistance — Many credit card companies provide tow trucks or
vehicle assistance for flat tires or other car trouble. Not only is it
reassuring to know that help is available when needed, but this benefit
may also provide savings. Fees for many services are usually pre-
negotiated by the credit card company and lower than standard rates.

* Purchase Assurance — Some credit cards offer programs that repair or
replace merchandise purchased on a credit card if it is defective,
stolen or destroyed.

* Extended Warranties — Credit cards may offer extra protection for
products beyond the initial warranty period granted by the manufacturer
or the store.

To find out more about a credit card’s specific benefits, read the card’s terms and conditions or call the toll-free number customer service number.

When traveling, it is also important for consumers to take precautionary steps to protect their personal and financial information. Your Credit Card Companies suggests following these tips to help prevent credit card fraud and identity theft:

* Carry only the personal information absolutely necessary for your trip,
such as a passport or driver’s license. The less personal information
you have with you, the better off you will be if your purse or wallet
is stolen. Always keep copies of these important documents in a
separate part of your luggage, such as a carry-on bag.

* Keep your cards on your person. Most travel stores carry small bags in
which you can keep cards, cash, and other items you will need to access
while out and about.

* Make arrangements with the postal service to have your mail held while
you are away.

* Schedule payments before travel if you are going to be out of town for
longer than one billing cycle. Many issuers allow credit card payments
to be scheduled online or by phone.

* Bring different credit cards from separate accounts. When a card is
lost or stolen and must be cancelled, all cards on the account are
cancelled as well. Having at least two cards from separate accounts can
save time and hassle.

Members of Your Credit Card Companies have invested billions of dollars in systems designed to detect and prevent fraud, respond quickly to claims of identity theft and shut down improperly opened accounts. Additionally, Your Credit Card Companies members work closely with local and federal law enforcement agencies to catch and prosecute offenders.

Your Credit Card Companies is a group of financial services companies with a shared commitment to value and quality service for consumers. Through its Web site and other consumer information initiatives, Your Credit Card Companies provides credit resources and a variety of tools that help consumers to better understand how credit works, to understand and protect their total credit picture and to manage debt. Its membership includes Chase Bank USA, N.A.; Citigroup; Discover Card; MasterCard International; and MBNA.

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