In Wake of Storms, U.S. Travelers Look to South Africa as New Vacation Destination, According to

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ — After a particularly rough storm season with many traditional vacation destinations rebuilding, Americans are beginning to book travel to South Africa.

“South Africa has some of the best and least crowded beaches in the world,” says Stefani Searle of, a site serving as a directory to vacation options in South Africa. “We’ve seen a big upswing in interest from Americans in recent months,” Searle said.

Visitors enjoy renowned wildlife parks such as Kruger Park, beautiful natural scenery, and a stable post-apartheid environment. South Africa, long a vacation favorite for Europeans, has a very well developed tourist industry that offers world class accommodations and an unusually diverse range of natural wonders and cultural activities.

Recently, with storms shutting down many of North America’s key vacation areas, Americans are looking to South Africa in large numbers. Being in the southern hemisphere, South Africa experiences a mild summer while North America is suffering under the snow and ice of winter. serves as an easy-to-use online guide designed to help anyone wisely plan their trip to South Africa. There are comprehensive and easily searchable directories of hotels and accommodations, along with ways to rent cars, book safaris, and more. Many are surprised to discover accommodations range from world-renowned 5 star hotels to luxurious African game lodges.

Favorite activities include wildlife and bird life tours, health resorts and spas, and championship 18 hole golf courses. “For the budget-conscious traveler who really wants to get a feel for South African life, we have a full list of bed and breakfast facilities that offer lower prices and a truly local experience,” Searle said.

Vacationers can travel the region easily, from Cape Town to Cairo or the Kruger Park to Kilimanjaro. South African Airways offers regularly-scheduled flights between the major centers, as do many international airlines.

Travelers are able to get lower prices by booking through Travelers deal directly with the Hotels and service providers and the site does not charge any commissions. A complete set of online maps is provided for each province in South Africa.

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