All New Newseum Set To Open October 2007

When the Newseum opens its doors in October 2007, visitors will get an inside look at how news is made and conveyed.

With seven levels filled with galleries, theatres, retail spaces and guest services, Washington, DC’s soon-to-be newest and hottest museum will leverage technology to take visitors behind the scenes of the world of journalism past and present. Its largest gallery will trace more than 500 years of news history through more than 40,000 historic newspapers; its five mini-theatres will explore specific themes. An entire gallery will be devoted solely to displaying Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalism with more than 300 video clips, 400 audio clips and 1,000 Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs.

Several elements of the museum will give visitors an inside look into the complexity of the media today. The Newseum will feature TV news feeds in real time from around the country, and more than 80 front pages will be displayed from around the world, enlarged and updated daily. Other elements will examine the danger faced by journalists covering events abroad. And paying homage to new media and broadcast outlets, a special exhibition will trace the history of the growth of TV, radio and Internet news.

And the Newseum will not be without sentiment. The museum will continue its tradition of honoring journalists who die while reporting the news with a soaring two-story memorial.

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