Where2Golf.com Unveils Expanded International Golf Course Guide

LONDON, May 16 /PRNewswire/ — Where2Golf.com (http://www.where2golf.com/), the leading guide to golf courses around the world, expanded its lineup of courses with the addition of golfing destinations in Arizona. The site now rates and reviews hundreds of top golf courses in Europe, South Africa and North America.

Created by two avid golfers who have played all over the world, Where2Golf.com offers traveling golfers a way to evaluate golf courses before they play them. In contrast to golf directory sites that typically list only contact information for each course and give no indication to determine which are the best- or worst-to-play courses, Where2Golf.com tells golfers what each course is really like and how it rates against others in the area, gives the historical background of the course and provides up-to-date information on nearby lodging. What’s more, the site displays photos of the courses, along with high-quality maps, created exclusively for Where2Golf.com, showing all highly rated courses within a region to facilitate golf-break and holiday planning.

But Where2Golf.com is not just about finding the best places to play. The site also includes a golf encyclopedia detailing tournaments from 1860 to the present, along with golf news, a dictionary of golfing terms and a who’s-who of golf.

“Our clear objective is to provide fellow golfers with the world’s most comprehensive source of golf information on the Internet,” stated Where2Golf.com co-founder Suzanne Lenaerts. “Many golf sites list all golf courses but fail to answer key questions for golfers. Travel sites list only those golf clubs and hotels with which they have commercial arrangements. Still other sites list only the very top courses or focus on a limited geography. So it is surprisingly difficult for traveling golfers to identify the best areas for golfing breaks, which courses to play when they get there, and what to expect from any particular course. Where2Golf.com fills in those gaps.”

Site visitors can find courses by name, geographic region or nearest city. With a five-point rating scale based on course condition, layout and surroundings, Where2Golf.com enables golfers to discover hidden gems and to choose a new course to play based on how its rating compares to others. All ratings and descriptions are based on the Where2Golf.com founders’ firsthand experience on each course. “Our golf course guide has grown from our combined experience of playing over hundreds of courses, and the Where2Golf.com reviews showcase the golf courses that we consider to be the best,” said Lenaerts. “Where2Golf.com is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a golf vacation.”

About Where2Golf.com

Founded in 2002, Where2Golf.com has grown to be one of the most complete golf sites online. The company’s future plans include further expanding the site with reviews of top golf courses in Asia, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean.

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