WorldStrides’ Newport Beach Office Impacts the Lives of Thousands of Students and Educators in Southern California

Students, Parents, and Teachers Have More Educational Travel Opportunities Than Ever Before

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., May 24 /PRNewswire/ — For the past two and a half years, WorldStrides has had a positive impact on the communities of Southern California by bringing more services to teachers and more educational travel opportunities to students than ever before. WorldStrides, an accredited educational travel school, opened an office in Newport Beach, CA in January, 2003 to better serve the students, parents, and educators in Southern California.

Teachers in Southern California benefit from WorldStrides’ educational services

WorldStrides’ Newport Beach office strives to bring more support to the teachers in their community than ever before. Every year WorldStrides holds several local HistoryQuest and Lessons and Lunch events to honor outstanding area educators. In 2005, nearly 150 teachers from 60 schools attended events in Anaheim and San Diego where they participated in hands-on history activities, like having lunch with a Martha Washington historical interpreter and exploring the Richard Nixon Library. These events expose teachers to new educational opportunities and help them enhance their curriculum through hands-on learning.

In addition, WorldStrides helps teachers share the importance of educational travel with the parents in their communities. To serve the needs of local teachers, Educational Travel Specialists from WorldStrides’ Newport Beach office have traveled to schools across the region to meet with thousands of parents and discuss the value of history and science educational travel programs. “Working with teachers and parents and helping them give students once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities is the most rewarding part of my job,” says Elaine Light, WorldStrides Educational Travel Specialist.

Students from Southern California experience the historic East Coast and Florida with WorldStrides

WorldStrides is committed to educating the students of Southern California through out-of-state hands-on travel programs. In 2005, WorldStrides brought more than 20,000 middle school and high school students from California on educational travel programs to Washington, D.C., New York, and other historic East Coast destinations as well as science programs to Central Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Everglades. Teachers from all over California are experiencing the benefits of taking their students on a WorldStrides educational program. Kurt Victor, a teacher from California says, “One week in D.C. teaches more than months in a classroom.”

WorldStrides brings students from all over the country to California

WorldStrides is committed to exposing teachers and students to educational opportunities in the state of California and the Southern California area. In 2005, almost 10,000 elementary school students will travel on California state history programs to Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Heritage Festivals, a music festival organization, and division of WorldStrides, brings several thousand high school music students to their festivals in Southern California each year. In 2005, nearly 4,500 students will attend one of 6 festival weekends in San Diego, and almost 15,000 students will attend one of 11 festival weekends held in Anaheim, CA. “Over the past 25 years, this festival has become an integral part of the Anaheim community,” says Kent Smith, president of Heritage Festivals. “Year after year, we look forward to providing performing opportunities to students from all over the country at this exceptional destination.”

Bowl Games of America, also a division of WorldStrides, offers college bowl half-time performance opportunities to high school music students. In December, 2005, Bowl Games of America will bring over 2,000 students to perform during the half-time show at the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl in San Diego.

In the future, WorldStrides will continue to enhance the communities of California by providing unique educational opportunities to students and teachers. In January, 2005 WorldStrides opened an office in San Jose, CA to expand its services to educators and students in the Northern California area.

About WorldStrides

WorldStrides is the largest and most trusted student educational travel school in the country. WorldStrides has provided a variety of educational travel programs to more than two million elementary, middle, and high school students since its inception in 1967. In a given year, as many as 200,000 students have traveled with WorldStrides to destinations throughout the United States and the world. WorldStrides is the first organization of its kind to be an accredited supplemental education provider. WorldStrides is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has satellite offices in Reno, Nevada, Newport Beach, California, San Jose, California, Marlton, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, New York, and Williamsburg, Virginia. For more information about WorldStrides, please visit

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